Monday, August 23, 2010


i fiddled with this some- i think i may extend the hand shape up from the thumb into the blue

i really like this as is, tho i feel it needs something more...... that lower right corner might need something to push the eye back in. will have to hang it up & contemplate for a while.

and here is a better shot (finally!) of this piece, finished

color is still off a bit in this photo- took it too late in the day, but  it's a better photo of the image. also finished.

and over a glass of wine, husband drew the front of the studio. dormer added so i can have the door open out. seemed important on a 10x12 space to preserve as much room inside as possible. we added the 2 windows to the front. i was worried about wall space, but the light will be nice. and it's cuter:) steve's idea to paint the heart over the door- i like it!


Postcards from Wildwood said...

Hi Marianne, Just catching up after a very busy few weeks. Your very own studio in the garden - Wow! And you need it too with all those outlets for your art. Well done on securing all those arrangements and good luck with it all. Your latest pieces are great.

becky said...

catching up on your blog... where in the world do you get all your energy?! Your works are lovely... and a Studio?! Lucky you! I love the smiling stick figure in your studio drawing :)