Sunday, August 29, 2010

busy day

today was hangin' day at the gallery. i got photos of the 2 i rushed down last week, both 6x6- first "opposite of darkness"

and "hold your happiness". glad to see that the glass bead gel did (as i knew it would) clear up as it dried. i'm ok with the key being sort of hard to make out- the key to our happiness is sometimes too, even though we do hold it.

here's my wall- it also wraps around the corner a little bit to the right. i'd buy that set of hearts & hang 'em all together, wouldn't you?

then we walked over to the second annual boise curb cup- an event showcasing all sorts of art along 5 blocks of 8th street downtown. the audience could get 3 tokens and each act had a bucket in front of their space. you left a token at your favorite act and whoever had the most at the end was crowned the winner.

there were bike tricks (i'm sure there is a better technical term- rumor has it "trials riding" is correct)

 lots of people

all sorts of music- banjos, a guy singing jimmy buffet karaoke in a hawaiian shirt, a jewish band (star of david on their sign being the give away) with a belly dancer, assorted rock n roll, acoustic, blues & rap, accordians, a recorder, dueling organs- you get the idea-

competitive jump ropers (these are the winners of the event)

more people- hanging out on the parking garage and watching the action 

all sorts of hula hoops- flaming, traditional, hula hoop/some sort of socks with weights in the end of them dance group and- an entirely new one to me, belly dancers with hula hoops

i was calling these the goth mimes, but that's probably not at all right

i had to cast a vote for the graffiti artist b/c they were one of the few visual artists (others being my friend the photographer who was altering photos but had his bucket & tokens appropriated b/c the event was running low & they had determined he wasn't even in the running and the guy making face & body casts).

what a fun and very cool event! there were lots of people out to enjoy it too, which makes it even better. way to support the arts & a bit of weirdness, boise!

of course, while i was off having fun steve & jake & john were slaving away. look at my studio! i can start painting the outside this week.

and i got word that anne received her art and likes it so i can in good conscience deposit the check- a great weekend all in all!


Barb said...

What a great space for your studio - does this mean that your dining table will soon be off-limits? The festivities in the city seem varied and drew a large crowd. I like your hung art in the gallery (but, I couldn't find the key).

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL!!! Csh it baby, cash it!
Appropriately, for me, the first song that came up in your player was "Lawyers, Guns and Money"----I have to laugh at misfortune and find the lighter side!
You pieces look fab at the gallery and the whole day looks like it was loads of fun!


marianne said...

barb- the key is in the second piece where the palm of the hand would be underneath the heart- it's the dark shape in there.
anne- i figure laughter is the better option and try to go there as much as possible!
have a great week, both of you!