Thursday, August 19, 2010

breathing room!

we are supposed to turn over 1/3 of our art in the gallery monthly, and rotate airport art every 3 months. works out to about 50 vertical inches at the downtown gallery & 725 sq. inches in the airport. i'm in another gallery that wants new art every 2 months (luckily she will take photos, that's not an option at the other 2).

because i am kind of anal about this sort of stuff, i waited to apply to art source until i had enough back stock to make it through  a really busy or really uninspired month or two, but i hate like hell to be in the position of digging in the bottom of the closet or taking art off the walls (unless that's the plan).

the whole staples fisaco threw me off plan (probably why it made me so mad!), but i'm in decent shape again- whew!

decided i wanted some blue on this, so i spattered. i like it. i'm done. really. :)

started a few more backgrounds on 6x6 squares. i'm so sure that the ones i have will start selling & i'll need more. they're fun, they're $45, what's not to like?

and here are these, done and scanned-

whatcha think?


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I really did not think the top piece would require more, but the blue sets it off well!
I love working with the 6x6 canvas. It isa great size, affordable, so much you can put in them. Love seeing all the paper tidbits you have in the process of making yours!
Sure you don't want to sell the "Love Kills" to me???? :D
Great work---don't know how you keep up.....


marianne said...

thanks so much anne- i always feel it's such an honor when other artists want my work!

Diane said...

I love them both but I especially like the bottom one. That one really jumps out at me! Have a great weekend, Marianne! Hugs, Diane