Wednesday, August 11, 2010

anne- this is for you-

the sun came out- after torrential rain all day-(but anne assured me that the chris isaak hotness factor would outweigh any wet/electricity issues) and it was a great show

i didn't even think about the guitar portion of the entertainment b/c i have always thought of his voice as the instrument. and his voice is awesome, but the guitar was good too (not like me to miss guitar).

and the setting is awesome, and he's a great entertainer and the band is very good. and i can't wait to be front & center for bob on sunday. going early to make it so. he won't be as entertaining, but the band will be tight and the show incredible. can't wait. (oh, i already said that!)

oh, and i did a little work on this- colored pencil on the blackeyed susans & cobalt on the lower left.

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I know these things...the man could part the red sea.... ;)
Sounds like it was a blast! LUCKY YOU!!!!
And yes, the hotness factor always wins out.... :D