Tuesday, August 31, 2010

more beginnings

got 3 sides of the studio painted this evening! and steve is still out there putting shingles on. so no art.

 but i did get to thinking about the origins of the mixed media pieces. i did these in 2004.

i went to class one evening & told kathy i needed to do something different. she had been working with pieces of photo paper glued to canvas, creating faces from the pieces of pictures, then painting over them. (i just googled kathy to see if i could show you some of her work and i didn't find any, but i did find this article about me that was in the idaho statesman in 2007, that explains some about kathy and about gypsy gallery.) i had images of seeds that i had scanned, and in talking came up with the idea to glue them to canvas & see what happened.

these are the results. alkyd, ink, assorted other stuff (seeds, rose petals, like that)


i still like them! i hope that the people who on them do too- they sold from a now defunct gallery and i believe that most of them sold in groups of 3 or 4 (they were 8x8 canvasses).

maybe another trip down memory lane tomorrow, as i have more studio painting to do. though after reading that article you may be sick of me for a while! :)

murphy is settling in nicely, we just need to work on her relationship with the cat a bit.

Monday, August 30, 2010


meet murphy, a fox terrier who's going to be staying with us for a while. she's had a nervous evening so far (tough few weeks- her owner died and she moved from a single dog household with an older person to a house of 6 dogs and now here with our 2 & the cat). she's sleeping now, and hopefully tomorrow will be easier. she sure is a cutie!

after picking up scraps in the back yerd (rain threatened, so painting will commence tomorrow), i did a little bit of art- i don't think this needs much more, but will look at it for a few days to be sure.

and got a start on these 7x5 canvasses. my thought was to use them for goddesses, but we'll see what happens next. there's a decidedly botanical leaning to them now.

and work on the studio continues- steve got the edging up & the paper down on the roof

productive monday all in all!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

busy day

today was hangin' day at the gallery. i got photos of the 2 i rushed down last week, both 6x6- first "opposite of darkness"

and "hold your happiness". glad to see that the glass bead gel did (as i knew it would) clear up as it dried. i'm ok with the key being sort of hard to make out- the key to our happiness is sometimes too, even though we do hold it.

here's my wall- it also wraps around the corner a little bit to the right. i'd buy that set of hearts & hang 'em all together, wouldn't you?

then we walked over to the second annual boise curb cup- an event showcasing all sorts of art along 5 blocks of 8th street downtown. the audience could get 3 tokens and each act had a bucket in front of their space. you left a token at your favorite act and whoever had the most at the end was crowned the winner.

there were bike tricks (i'm sure there is a better technical term- rumor has it "trials riding" is correct)

 lots of people

all sorts of music- banjos, a guy singing jimmy buffet karaoke in a hawaiian shirt, a jewish band (star of david on their sign being the give away) with a belly dancer, assorted rock n roll, acoustic, blues & rap, accordians, a recorder, dueling organs- you get the idea-

competitive jump ropers (these are the winners of the event)

more people- hanging out on the parking garage and watching the action 

all sorts of hula hoops- flaming, traditional, hula hoop/some sort of socks with weights in the end of them dance group and- an entirely new one to me, belly dancers with hula hoops

i was calling these the goth mimes, but that's probably not at all right

i had to cast a vote for the graffiti artist b/c they were one of the few visual artists (others being my friend the photographer who was altering photos but had his bucket & tokens appropriated b/c the event was running low & they had determined he wasn't even in the running and the guy making face & body casts).

what a fun and very cool event! there were lots of people out to enjoy it too, which makes it even better. way to support the arts & a bit of weirdness, boise!

of course, while i was off having fun steve & jake & john were slaving away. look at my studio! i can start painting the outside this week.

and i got word that anne received her art and likes it so i can in good conscience deposit the check- a great weekend all in all!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


started the day with a nice hike with margie, patty & our respective 4 legged friends- 5 of them in all. it was a beautiful morning.

came home to major progress on the studio. steve and his 2 sons are cranking away. jake has done a wonderful job of framing. he had one wall done before, the other 3 were completed today.

and the siding was added

and a the roof put on- as well as holes drilled & wire pulled (john was a big help with that part).

i ordered pizza, brought home cold pepsi & purchased paint. also got stuff ready to hang tomorrow- wired the backs (no sawtooth hangers allowed!) and labelled pieces.

tomorrow is hanging day at the gallery, which takes most of the day, then there's an arts event downtown called the curb cup that i'll probably go check out (while the guys are slaving away again).

hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, August 27, 2010


free music at the fair- gotta go look at the animaks, eat junk food & people watch anyway, free music that we actually want to check out is a bonus.

the evening's performer was clint black , who was a pretty big country singer late 80's early 90's, in the classic country tradition of george strait & randy travis.

clint and the band put on a great show- better than some i've paid lots of money for- and really seemed to enjoy entertaining. and how about that beautiful backdrop?

i am so appreciative of artists who are happy to share their talent and obviously enjoy playing for their fans. fun evening!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 done, but i forgot photos!

i got the 2 6x6 pieces finished, but forgot to get photos before rushing them to the gallery. we hang on sunday- i'll get some shots then. and hopefully the glass gel will be completely dry & more transparent :)

decided to leave this one (with some help from nancy).  it's 8x8

this is another 6x6. i added the photo transfer this evening- will now contemplate for a while........

and off to bed. going to the state fair tomorrow night. clint black is playing, so that'll be fun, as will seeing the animals and people watching and junk food eating :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

woo hoo! anne started a trend!

sold 2 of the 6x6s at the gallery today, so i'm trying to finish 2 more off to take in tomorrow. yay!

all of a sudden the bluebird of happiness and the key appeared on this one (good thing too, b/c i was stumped!

this is glass bead gel medium, which will dry clear-ish over the key & hopefully look cool. about holding things in the palm of your hand, having the whole world in your hands, etc...

another dragonfly- the new raven  :)

i was a little less successful hearing this one- or maybe it's just not ready. added the definition of light, as the dragonfly is about the power of light and stencils b/c i wanted it layered.

but i decided it was too busy so i washed it off & added tissue paper instead. but now that i see the photo above maybe it wasn't so bad..... will check again in the morning. i can always take one of the bigger finished pieces down tomorrow and let this simmer for a few days.

that's it for now- great week so far!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


one of the nights at our natl sales meeting in florida will be a costume party. instead of hauling a costume to florida along with clothing (business clothing) for a week, i thought it would be fun to make masks. i enlisted the help of the tuesday night creatives, tho pam is out of town, so it was just nancy & i.

this is an older mask i started on- left side is light molding paste thru a stencil, right side paint, a few jewels added.....

this was a white mask. used alcohol paints & blender to color. it's sort of a metallic tie dye look.

with edging added

this is nancy's contribution, with fabric left from her toga of last weekend and wire courtesy of her jewelry making skills

nice, isn't it?

two more to go- i also started a collage mask, and the silver one is still there to work on. two of my friends thought this was a good idea too, so i'll probably just mail 'em all to the hotel & see who wants what. 

nice evening with nancy, and fun to stretch in another direction. it took a while to get thinking! i'm looking forward to working on the last 2......

Monday, August 23, 2010


i fiddled with this some- i think i may extend the hand shape up from the thumb into the blue

i really like this as is, tho i feel it needs something more...... that lower right corner might need something to push the eye back in. will have to hang it up & contemplate for a while.

and here is a better shot (finally!) of this piece, finished

color is still off a bit in this photo- took it too late in the day, but  it's a better photo of the image. also finished.

and over a glass of wine, husband drew the front of the studio. dormer added so i can have the door open out. seemed important on a 10x12 space to preserve as much room inside as possible. we added the 2 windows to the front. i was worried about wall space, but the light will be nice. and it's cuter:) steve's idea to paint the heart over the door- i like it!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


saturday was tour de fat, a celebration of bikes sponsored by new belgium brewing. this year's theme was togas and tutus. since i love dressing up, i put together a costume (as did pam & nancy- yes, the tuesday art crew ). and husband donned a toga.

this event is big fun- the organizers bring music and vaudeville- type entertainment, everyone is wearing some sort of costume, there's beer & it's a fundraiser for the local mountain bike club, which uses the money to build & maintain trails (among other things). no art done on saturday, but it was fun hanging out & laughing with our friends.

steve and his sons started the studio today- woo hoo!

at the end of the day, the floor is done & one wall framed out...... great progress!

and a little bit o' art. since anne (thank you thank you!) bought the lov kills piece i am back to needing another completed piece for the gallery next weekend.

i put gesso on this and ended up wiping it off & painting back over the red to brighten it- this one just doesn't want that muted look. what are you going to do? got to listen to what the work tells you! raven will be transferred on, think i will wait to see what else it needs first.

and some more work on these

and that's it.... off to bed to get ready for the coming week.