Tuesday, July 27, 2010

this n that

my bouvier rug. echo is wedged right into the spot between the table & the wall, which must be passed to get to the work area i have carved out, so i had to step over him. at which point his entire right side levitates just in case i want to give his belly a rub on the way by.
another corpse- this started with the fish, then zella made the frame (those of you who visit regularly probably recognize her work), kay did the mosaic & i added the oil paint. this isn't a great photo, but it's a fun piece.

a (slightly) better shot of last night's subject

a little more work on this-
used fluid titan buff to work the edges of the collaged paper into the background- i think it worked pretty well. thought i'd better stop before overworking-

and flowers from the garden- corepsis & lavender

sun though the akebia leaves


Stephanie said...

wow! great collaboration on framed fishy mosaic etc piece. Love IT! I've never worked on a collaborative piece before--I wonder what it would be like?

J Bar said...

How interesting.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

dandelionlady said...

I really like these. Particularly the framing on the water one, and the raven one.

Barb said...

Yes - stop before overworking! I love the leaf and flower shots.

Gayle Bell said...

Nice work and what a great idea--to collaborate. I'll have to suggest that to my art group here, sounds like a lot of fun.