Tuesday, July 13, 2010

some r&r, a great concert, a bit more art

took monday & tuesday off to go to the carole king/ james taylor concert in sun valley. went to fairfield sunday evening, had a nice hike & hung out on monday prior to heading to sv for the concert.

here's halle enjoying the creek

a few scenic photos- wish i'd taken one of the butterflies all over echo!
 the morning light

the concert was great. it was a beautiful setting, a small venue and carole king, james taylor and band sounded great. i was happy to hear them play their classic songs with such obvious affection- for the songs, the crowd and each other. feel lucky to have been there.
came home today, read for a while, then downloaded photos, then a little more work on these-

i think that the top one is done, the second may be close- we'll see-

today feels like sunday- imagine that! back to work tomorrow-

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Barb said...

What! You're letting "vulnerable" show??? I like the rhino (tough-skinned) with the word vulnerable. I also like that the key is over the woman's mouth (Is she worried about what she might say?). The JT-King concert got a great review in the Times.