Sunday, July 25, 2010

play all day

this is where i started

i thought this would be a nice transfer on the bottom of the piece.

i got a really nice clean transfer and then wasn't sure about the gray band, so i wiped that off & textures back into the grass.

and hated it, so i scraped the caulk off and took the top layer of paper with it. which annoyed me b/c i had liked the bones before i started messing things up!

but it did give me a chance to use one of the bird stamps i bought at joann today and moved things in a different direction.

i worked on a few other things too, to be seen later. then went with my friend to a free music fest in one of the parks near downtown. we live close enough that we were able to ride our bikes. this guy brought his goat. not sure why- maybe he's socializing it?

it was an all day affair- 4 stages, 40 bands, mostly local, but including macy gray, backstreet boys (well, not so much any more) and headlined by bret michaels. we went for the end of the show. here's the first attempt to see the stage-

but then we went to the other side and got to where we could actually see.

i was never a hair band fan, and know of bret michaels only b/c of reality tv & health issues, but he was really fun. the crowd was having a good time dancing & singing along (he played sweet home alabama & your mama don't dance- an interesting mix of music, lots of covers) and the man obviously loves to entertain. a very pleasant way to spend a summer evening.

mas art manana-

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