Friday, July 16, 2010

baby steps

a little more work on these last night- not sure about the colors on this one.i want the red to be more clear, maybe.... or maybe i need to glaze the azo nickel quince (gold) over the red & yellow to tie it better....

this is close, but likewise i feel lacking something to tie it together. Like maybe blue in the upper left hand corner, or something to break up the existing blue....

i will have time for art this weekend. after tomorrow's 6:30 am walk i'm free! i went to the library's used book store & picked up another thesuarus, dictionary, music scores & bird book to cut up as needed & some vellum that works with inkjet..... possibilities abound!

we went to see inception this evening- i liked it as much as i liked matrix- any sci-fi fans should definitely go! hub liked it just as much.

have a great weekend!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I agree with the nickel azo on the first one--it will warm it all and tie it together.
On your second piece, try bringing some of the blue almost as a canvas edging (like if you were using a stamp pad just on the very edge?) and maybe let a little flow in?
Both are very nice; I love the use of the keys!!!


Barb said...

Wow - the addition of color really makes both pop. You know I'm no artist, but I'd like to see something happening in that blue (tho I like the color). PLEASE don't cover the dragonfly!