Monday, July 26, 2010

another exquisite corpse

this is another collaboration from the gallery. dave day, a new member whose photography is fab (click here to check it out) wanted to participate in the corpse exercise and left the thistle image below at the gallery. i messed up and didn't take a shot at the very start- this is after i painted the top & bottom in. if you enlarge the photo & look closely you may be able to see where the photo ends & paint starts. i scratched the lines in the bottom to continue the lines of the photo.

i remembered a photo of thistle leaves taken years ago (this is why i don't purge my photo files!) and printed it on lutradur, then attached (spray adhesive, then matte medium) to a 12x12 box canvas.

edges finished with black acrylic

image glued with e6000, let dry for a few hours, then made edging with masking tape & poured self leveling gel over the piece. i did this because i wanted to do some transfers over the outside edges, and wanted them to overlap to the background & i was afraid that it would crack if i didn't somehow level things out.

and here we are, gel dried & clear, transfers completed. all that's left is to touch up the spot where the ink spread in the center ( i used spray var, but another coat or two may have been a good idea) and varnish. what do you think?

also tonight- helped husband with art for the custom skis he is ordering ( less expensive than you would think). topo maps printed on rice paper. hopefully the ink won't run when they pour the resin. used the r2400, s/b ok, may spray var to be on the safe side.

and barb- don't panic- the raven is back- i washed some of the gesso back off. and there are plenty more ravens to add on top!

best of all, we met with a builder tonight about the studio! woo hoo! 10x12 feet to call my own :) can't wait.


Barb said...

I do enjoy seeing the process, Marianne. Also, thank goodness the Raven has reappeared. I try not to get too attached but...

Mary Chapin Carpenter tomorrow night at the BG - are your parents going?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I am still alive....
And I love what you did with the thistle! Cool, cool cool!
Summer has been too busy and I miss everyone. Especially seeing what you're making!


becky said...

Marianne- just catching up on your blog~ you have been busy as always! I just love these mixed media pieces. I have got to learn how to do this! I love the thistle piece, and watching the process.