Thursday, July 29, 2010

skywatch friday

a few of this week's skies over boise- summer's here!

to see beautiful skies from around the world, click here to visit skywatch friday

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

this n that

my bouvier rug. echo is wedged right into the spot between the table & the wall, which must be passed to get to the work area i have carved out, so i had to step over him. at which point his entire right side levitates just in case i want to give his belly a rub on the way by.
another corpse- this started with the fish, then zella made the frame (those of you who visit regularly probably recognize her work), kay did the mosaic & i added the oil paint. this isn't a great photo, but it's a fun piece.

a (slightly) better shot of last night's subject

a little more work on this-
used fluid titan buff to work the edges of the collaged paper into the background- i think it worked pretty well. thought i'd better stop before overworking-

and flowers from the garden- corepsis & lavender

sun though the akebia leaves

Monday, July 26, 2010

another exquisite corpse

this is another collaboration from the gallery. dave day, a new member whose photography is fab (click here to check it out) wanted to participate in the corpse exercise and left the thistle image below at the gallery. i messed up and didn't take a shot at the very start- this is after i painted the top & bottom in. if you enlarge the photo & look closely you may be able to see where the photo ends & paint starts. i scratched the lines in the bottom to continue the lines of the photo.

i remembered a photo of thistle leaves taken years ago (this is why i don't purge my photo files!) and printed it on lutradur, then attached (spray adhesive, then matte medium) to a 12x12 box canvas.

edges finished with black acrylic

image glued with e6000, let dry for a few hours, then made edging with masking tape & poured self leveling gel over the piece. i did this because i wanted to do some transfers over the outside edges, and wanted them to overlap to the background & i was afraid that it would crack if i didn't somehow level things out.

and here we are, gel dried & clear, transfers completed. all that's left is to touch up the spot where the ink spread in the center ( i used spray var, but another coat or two may have been a good idea) and varnish. what do you think?

also tonight- helped husband with art for the custom skis he is ordering ( less expensive than you would think). topo maps printed on rice paper. hopefully the ink won't run when they pour the resin. used the r2400, s/b ok, may spray var to be on the safe side.

and barb- don't panic- the raven is back- i washed some of the gesso back off. and there are plenty more ravens to add on top!

best of all, we met with a builder tonight about the studio! woo hoo! 10x12 feet to call my own :) can't wait.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

great art day!

got some more magnets finished- i have sold a few at the gallery ( some to other artists there, which is always cool!) so i thought i'd refresh before first thursday. the first squares are all 3x3

this is 3x2

and 2x2

6x6- finally finished i think. funny how the flower morphed into a stylized fleur

this is 12x12- the first collage on canvas that i've tried of any size. no reason really for it to be diferent from working on board, except that the give of the canvas makes me think more about what i am putting on, and that i should use more paint & stencils & less paper. there's a raven theme (shock!). read a myth that raven gave the world light- i like it, and will try to work it in.

i was stymied by the big blank red area, so got out the handy bubble wrap & gesso. i will be able to sand back/ wipe off areas that i want to have more visible- or just go from here, knowing that the bottom layer will still inform the piece. i'll probably read some more raven myths for inspiration.

 and left over paint went on this- where i think it works quite well with the prevailing 60s flower child motif. used markers to color in the desings on the hand.

also worked on another corpse for the gallery- photos of that to be posted as it progressed when it's finished. and carolyn came by to visit- a great, productive, relaxing day!

play all day

this is where i started

i thought this would be a nice transfer on the bottom of the piece.

i got a really nice clean transfer and then wasn't sure about the gray band, so i wiped that off & textures back into the grass.

and hated it, so i scraped the caulk off and took the top layer of paper with it. which annoyed me b/c i had liked the bones before i started messing things up!

but it did give me a chance to use one of the bird stamps i bought at joann today and moved things in a different direction.

i worked on a few other things too, to be seen later. then went with my friend to a free music fest in one of the parks near downtown. we live close enough that we were able to ride our bikes. this guy brought his goat. not sure why- maybe he's socializing it?

it was an all day affair- 4 stages, 40 bands, mostly local, but including macy gray, backstreet boys (well, not so much any more) and headlined by bret michaels. we went for the end of the show. here's the first attempt to see the stage-

but then we went to the other side and got to where we could actually see.

i was never a hair band fan, and know of bret michaels only b/c of reality tv & health issues, but he was really fun. the crowd was having a good time dancing & singing along (he played sweet home alabama & your mama don't dance- an interesting mix of music, lots of covers) and the man obviously loves to entertain. a very pleasant way to spend a summer evening.

mas art manana-

Saturday, July 24, 2010

off to the rodeo

went to the rodeo this evening. an enjoyable way to spend an evening, once i get past all of the god & country stuff. i have nothing against either, but let's just say that the way it is generally presented (at this rodeo at least) is not terribly inclusive. so i gnash my teeth & elbow my husband and work on being open minded :)

a few photos from the small camera. pleasantly surprised!

bareback bronc riding

saddle bronc

bull riding

clowns distracting a bull

back tomorrow with tales of art made, hopefully! tho there IS a free brett michaels concert..... but that's tomorrow night-

great weekend all!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

skywatch friday

this week's clear blue skies over boise

a lovely sunset in phoenix

reflected in the pool

and another blue sky day in boise (and quite a bit cooler!)

to check out more skies actross the world, visit skywatch friday

Monday, July 19, 2010


gallery meeting tonight. we're getting closer to the august show, which will feature the exquisite corpse project that probably 10- 12 of the 42 members have participated in. those who are are really getting after it tho....

here are the pieces we worked on a few weeks ago in their finished states (most of 'em anyway, 2 wouldn't upload for some odd, known only to blogger reason). how fun are these?

of course there's a bit of controversy. if we don't have enough pieces to fill the featured show space, can other members donate pieces with the proceeds going to the gallery (uh, no, we could do a different fundraiser that way, but the people who contributed should benefit).

and for some reason the local weekly "arty" paper couldn't find one of these to use on a cover, but oh well!

off to phoenix manana- it's only 10 degrees hotter than here.... photos to come....