Thursday, June 24, 2010

what a couple of days!

here's my life since tuesday-

 nice room in chicago
 one evening to walk on michigan ave
a day full of work, a nice dinner, then an evening's work. my boss thinking i could get more work done if i left early, an earlier flight home and back to o'hare on wednesday evening

 sitting on the runway in a thunderstorm
 missing my connection & spending the night in tempe
 back to sky harbor this morning

 and back home on my originally planned flight.

i have to say that us air was great. off the plane in phoenix, knowing i had missed the connection, they had a boarding pass for a flight this morning & a voucher for a reduced rate at a hotel, which ran shuttles & was really easy to deal with (and only $59!). as i went thru baggage claim it occurred to me to see if i could get my bag and i could- the woman working there was really helpful.

i wonder if the woman from oakland who was waiting for her bag with an "i better get my bag" attitude ever got it- the two of us who were waiting with a "it is so wonderful to have the chance to get our luggage" attitude got our bags right away.

nice evening with hub on the patio.

no art done, but it was nice to see the hearts again ( i need a good pic of the other one) and to like them. i think they turned out well.

crazy coming up. we're planning for next year, which means lots of work, and my friend leaf is coming to visit tomorrow and sunday is hanging day at the gallery and next weekend is 4th of july. the fun never stops!

great to be home! more when i can-

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