Tuesday, June 15, 2010

play night

nancy came over for art night. as i mentioned last night due to the staple police i need to swap out more than i planned, and i haven't been working much. these 6x6 squares are fun to work, they go quickly & i have a theme going (tho i may need to go buy more used dictionary/thesauruses).

i started with cutting out the love page & the words around it- which usually include louse, lousy- so there's an interesting starting point.

of course, as soon as i typed that i noticed that the first piece doesn't start that way. but it will have a heart :) i was more worried about collaging over the staples on this one....

slathered with matte gel medium. we'll see how it looks. i impatiently didn't wait for the stencil to dry. so we may have some running. which may be OK.


light molding paste thru a stencil inside the heart. i picked a bad stencil, tho, b/c you can't tell what shape it is.

and, again impatiently (acrylics dry fast, but not instantaneously!) i started painting too soon

and hated it, so i washed it all off and started over

thinking either glass beads or heavy soft gel over the heart to finish things off....

yesterday's- added some gold & iridescent medium to the heart and some layers of paint to the background. yes barb. the lyrics do say mercy killing- and the first words on the dictionary page are louse, lousy & lout.... so i guess i think it sort of works. some relationships (friendships, too) could use a mercy killing. but i made it less obvious.

 here are the 4 hearts so far drying. i will get/share better photos as they are completed. 

and to all a good night!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Cover those staples!!! (hee hee)
I like them all--will be interesting to see how they develop as you move forward.
I want an art night and not a storm night---have gotten nothing done and am exhausted and cranky! (more than usual....)


Postcards from Wildwood said...

Great to see all the stages as you've developed all these, Marianne. Real pain about the staples, but at least you'll know for next time. Is it not possible to cover the staples on the others with perhaps some iron-on metallic tape or something?

I'm beginning to worry about all the thesauruses / thesauri in Boise. Are they safe?! Also, on a rather sad note it reminds me that my little cat Becky, when she had a tumour in her mouth and not long before she died, came over to me whilst I was working at my Spanish and scented my huge Spanish / English dictionary. But because of the tumour it left a permanent mark. The first word on the page she scented was 'death'. There is a sort of happy ending, in that of course through it she lives on: I think of her every time I see it!

Bye for now,