Saturday, June 5, 2010

getting caught up in the yard

productive day! lots of much needed yardwork done- pots planted, tomatoes finally in the ground, some beds thinned & dead stuff cut out of various plants, silver lace vine severely chopped back. for the first of many times this year.

this is the front yard. it doesn't take a lot of work but a few times per year, but i really do need to divide & transplant this fall.....

this western tanager came to visit.
some sort of centanaurea


and the roses, which despite the wet are doing well, other than a few spots on the leaves & some aphids. i grow older varieties which require lots less fuss. b/c maintenance is not something i do well.

my feet hurt & i am tired, but glad to have gotten so much done. art & roses is tomorrow- i also got photos framed this evening, up early tomorrow to chop veggies for the hummus & make margaritas for kristy & i to sip.... and to get the dogs out. looking forward to a fun day!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Sounds like a productive, delightful day! The flowers are charming--your centaurea is Centaurea Montana; I used to grow i until the Phlox ate it (and everything else in their path....). Had it in red/purple and a delightful yellow version, same genus, different variety.
HAve a good one!


marianne said...

yes! you're right! and the yellow sounds very intriguing..... these have taken over the spot i have them, maybe i should introduce phlox?

Barb said...

Sure wish my yard looked as good as yours! Love those billowing roses.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Your garden is gorgeous Marianne. I'm with you on leaving the garden as much as possible to its own devices, and just stepping in to make sure things don't get out of hand! Nature almost always comes up with a pretty scheme anyway. Thanks for visiting and for the Get Well wishes for Lucy and the curtain-boosting comments! Hope things are going well in Fort Worth.