Thursday, June 17, 2010

finishing touches

i've had these hanging around my office for the past few days trying to decide what else- if anything- to do. i wanted to keep the white heart on this one but felt it needed a stronger background. i taped to stencil on the right to keep it clean and grabbed some cadmium red medium hue (b/c it is normally a very opaque color) and further increased the transparency with glaze.

happy with the way the map & flowers still show up but the piece is much less busy & unified by the red. (i think so anyway)

to make the heart stronger, improve movement & tie the right & left together i got out the trusty sharpie & added black. will have to remember to use spray var before that last coat of medium or varnish to prevent smearing (don't know if it will, but i would be bummed if it did). this is done, and i am (gasp) happy with it.

added the crown for balance on this one. it looks better in person- there's more going on than is visible here, but i'm going to look at it for a while more to determine done- ness.

this one reminds me of the 80s- must be the pink & black. i think it's done too- once the heavy gel dries i'll know better..... you can't tell from the pic, but it's heavily textured over the heart.

lastly, i screwed up the last transfer i did on this & smeared black ink all over. yuck! cleaned up a bit with some rubbing alcohol then rummaged around for something to cover the mess. this is what i came up with. i can repeat the hand & face elements if i like and i like the colors- i can bring some prussian blue in now, and there's also red in the image.

i also strengthened the bottom by going back over the large stencil with black. it's starting to come together.

and that's all. look for photos this weekend, then off to chicago monday- woo hoo!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Isn't it great how a collage can be saved (and potentially made better!) by just adding MORE???
I think that is why I love this artform more than when I painted or drew. If you screwed things up then, too bad.
there is just sucj flexibility and that sense of surprise in the work---I think sometimes people don't understand that aspect at all.
Love them, especiall what you did with the top one.


Barb said...

I'm a little sad that "mercy" remains while "killings" has been obliterated! I had to go back and look at all 4 from the beginning. It is a fascinating process. I'm trying hard not to become too attached to any one image (before you say - it's done!).

marianne said...

barb- i just kept looking at that piece & hearing heart of gold & mercy killings didn't work any more! wee anne's comments abt the process- it is fascinating, and hard to know where things will end up!