Wednesday, June 30, 2010


at last! time for dirty fingers! back to work on this one. liking its bones so far, but layers are needed

so i added some interference on bubble wrap, some stencils, stamps.....better, no?

i am so sure that i will sell the little hearts i took to the gallery that i figured i better have something to replace, so i started a couple more 6x6 squares.....

found the paper in the upper left in a book left on my porch in the lending library. don't recognize the handwriting (not sure i would anyway- the only time i see my friends' handwriting is on birthday cards!) but hope whoever wrote it won't be upset should they catch a glimpse in my art. it will probably end up pretty obscured anyway.

this one returns to the dictionary theme.

still need to get to the second hand store for more dictionaries (or thesaurii). i was wanting an oxford's to cut up this evening..... the word i was looking for wasn't in any of the standard dictionaries.

oh well! better branch out anyway- lots of words to choose from

and that's it- first thursday tomorrow and i am on the committee at the gallery, which is always fun- especially since zella and michael and jaki are working tomorrow night too. then getting ready for the long weekend, out of town with a houseful of guests. posting (and art making) may be sparse, but rest assured that fun is being had-


Pam McKnight said...

Bill and I plan to come by and see you all at art Source tomorrow night!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I like the addition of the interference paint on the piece; the danged stuff is sooooo hard to photograph!
I'm still drawn really quickly to the dark element in the center at the bottom.
Just a comment---it may look different IRL with the shiney paint.
And I'm still sewing, so not getting my manicured hands dirty at all......PFFT!


Stephanie said...

I love the interference paints with the bubble wrap way cool! Love your blog-- I'm working up the courage to get some of my pieces pulled together and photographed to be juried for a co-op gallery in my town. I'm really still at the working up the courage part. Way to go to you for actually doing the gallery stuff!!

Barb said...

I like that you added the word "long" after "gone'. Remind me never to send you a handwritten note telling you all my secrets! (Though I do know that by tomorrow, all will be hidden...