Tuesday, June 8, 2010

does fort worth ever cross your mind?

every time i come to fort worth i check out the courtyard downtown to see if the rates are good enough to stay there instead of by tcu. and yay! this time they were! i am always first about staying downtown ( if it's safe), next near a greenbelt- the airport or suburban hotels are last on the list.

if you've never been to downtown fort worth it's a dandy walkable clean pleasant downtown with interesting buildings & lots of restaurants. touristy, ok, but still nice.

lots of art deco buildings- this is the bass music hall- little house on the prairie the musical (with melissa gilbert as ma- no lie) was there tonight-

after work today i had a nice tex mex dinner, sat by the pool and am now (post- blog) getting set for tomorrow while giving nobody's daughter a listen. and tho courtney's voice is shot this is way better than the last cd and the woman is talented. too bad she's such a mess.

i can't get blogger to cooperate as far as fixing the font & orientation on these last comments, sorry about that!

hasta manana


Barb said...

Hi Marianne, I've never been to Fort Worth - I like the architecture you've photographed. I looked at that first photo a long time. Where was it taken and what is it? Looks like it should be on a ship! I'm in Breck and it's been beautiful - lots of garden work. Tomorrow night is Sting at Red Rocks.

marianne said...

thanks barb! the first photo is at the hotel pool. ity's the lifesaving equipment (for the 4 ft pool) tightly cropped. loved the colors. ahhhh red rocks! have fun!