Sunday, June 20, 2010

and miles to go before i sleep (but i slept anyway!)

i meant to come home & make art, but i slept. which is what i did much of yesterday, so i'm guessing it was probably a good thing to do, and necessary. off to chicago tomorrow until thursday and work will be demanding, so we'll make do with photos from this weekend.

these are patterns that caught my eye, may be useful down the road...

this (above) might be very cool printed on or transferred to metal

maybe a base for an encaustic work

and for janice- this is what our mountain bluebells look like- i thought of your bluebell post when i saw these. and lo and behold, a wildflower blog post on postcards from wildwood when i went to find the link to the bluebell post. great minds!


Barb said...

Those watery ones are so interesting! Have a good trip. You must have needed a weekend's rest before your travels.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Wow! Marianne, these are FANTASTIC photos! Every one of them is a stunner. Of course, being you they are not just photos, but potential backdrops for encaustics or decorations for metal sheeting!!! As for your mountain bluebells they are very different from English bluebells. But yes - we are both very wildflower just now! Hope you have a good week in Chicago!

Kathiesbirds said...

I like these.

becky said...

love the reflections. i know printmaking/etching, but how do you transfer photo to metal? is it a decal of sorts? i've only seen it done quite recently.