Friday, May 28, 2010

rainy days

it's been unusually wet. i am a desert, sunshine person, not one of those who likes moody rainy days (well, maybe once every 5 years or so- like bowling). i do have to admit that my garden is loving it, though.

this is a frau dagmar hastrop rose planted by the front door. she is very fragrant and a lovely pink.

love the ornamental allium- they remind me of colorful dandelion seed heads

an austrian copper rose. doesn't bloom long, but adds a nice warm splash of color while it does to the garden.

this is some sort of bourbon rose which is most fragrant and wonderful. the blooms are lush, the scent is spicy & sweet & it blooms all summer. not as profusely after the first bloom, but enough.

i wish blogger had a scratch n sniff feature- i can still smell these roses. the light pink are from the bush descirbed above, the darker pink from a highly scented climber and the white are climbing iceberg, which has a fainted but still nice scent.

happy friday all! to those of you in the us- enjoy the long memorial day weekend!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ooooooooo, I know EXACTLY what those beautiful roses smell like!
That copper one is one I have coveted for YEARS. Afraid to spend the money due to the clay soil.
Love the pics....inspires me to get back out in the weedbed and find my flowers!


Barb said...

I wish there was scratch and sniff, too! You have a bounty growing. I had a climber Iceberg in Denver but it didn't make it through the winter. Have a great holiday weekend, Marianne.

Judy Wood said...

We have exceeded the all-time record (since records were started here in 1872) for rain in April and May. There is still more May left and it is bucketing down yet again with no hope of a let-up in sight. I feel your pain!! At least your roses are still alive, unlike many of ours after this winter!