Monday, May 24, 2010


magnets, mini collages.

these are nearly as addictive as atc's. i actually sold a few at modern art, so i figure i may as well keep going. zella & i are also adding a magnet rack to the gallery, so i want to make some to fill that up. $7 art, what's not to love?

 i started with some stamps on rice paper. the rice paper becomes nicely invisible (other than threads) once it's collaged with medium onto something else. i did this yesterday too, but am pretty sure one of the dogs had a rice paper snack while i was out of the room. hope stayz on isn't toxic.

works in progress

and close ups. these are about 2.5 by 3 inches on wood.  

thanks to anne, the stuff i printed on tracing paper is nicely usable- just a few coats of spray var- one front & one back & et voila! no running! (you'd think i could figure that out by myself, but evidently not!)

and that's it for tonight. i also spent a few hours vacuuming- horrors! maybe if i did it more often it would be less traumatic.....

nancy's coming over to paint tomorrow night- hope to get more of these done, maybe work on the collage & start something on canvas...... we'll see.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey, you share ideas too girl!
Glad they all turned out so nicely---I love these tiny little collages.....but then, I love tiny, intricate stuff.
Bet you would not have guessed.


Barb said...

Hey - your minis look great. You're really working (or should I say creating?), Marianne.

becky said...

you've been busy! love the magnets & mini collages. i'd like to do some collage work someday...