Friday, March 26, 2010

the to do list

zella, pam, kevin & i went & looked at our room for modern art 2010, the modern is a hotel that opens its rooms to artists annually. it's a mob scene- lots of people through, probably not much in the way of sales, but that's not what it's about.

in addition to having our art (metal, assemblage, pottery & yours truly) available, we're going to have supplies for people to make & trade atcs.

here's the tour: (say hi to Pam, your tour guide)

 the kitchen area is to the right of the door. perfect for pottery on the top and some sort of wonderful spinning atc rack that zella will make for us on the counter. and wine for us in the fridge! the door leads to the bathroom.
the bedroom is through the far door seen in the first pic. one of the challenges with the show is no hanging on the walls. thinking that leaning art on the headboard, both the top & on the bed, is an option. we may also see if they'll remove furniture for us & bring in a panel or two. luckily i'm the only one solely dependent on wall space- the other 3 can rely on 3d.

and the huge bathroom, which is accessed from the bedroom & main hotel room, creating traffic flow (but woe is us if we need the facilities the night of the show!

our thought is to put a board over the tub & use that as the space to make atcs and to hang ones for trade on the glass shower stall with suction cups.

it was a good thing to walk through with all of us & get ideas & make lists (need to bring lights, get board & table cloths, ask if furniture can be removed, stuff like that).

we talked about making 3 collaborative 3d pieces, which we're all excited about. kevin has had ideas for combining clay & metal and he & zella were off to the races. pam & i will get them to finish off.

this is the show that we're planting atcs around town to advertise, so we need to set up a time to go drop some around. kevin's trying to figure out how to translate to clay without them being really breakable. he looked at what we had and said "these could be framed" which was ever so cool- he gets it.

additionally, running around getting things finished up for we art women. putting out posters and postcards, finishing up pr, picking up bid cards, dropping off ad copy. it seemed like we had all of the time in the world and now it's here! we mailed over 2800 postcards this week. hope we get a good turn out- & raise lots of $$- the wca can use it.

we hang the 2 month juried show next tuesday, with the artist reception next friday (my birthday!). i am so excited to have a piece selected for the 2 month show, and can't wait to see how it looks hanging in the gallery with the other chosen art! the following week we do the one night show- setting up wed afternoon (hanging more art, setting up silent auction tables, etc.) and all day thursday for thursday evening's fundraiser.

sunday is monthly art trade out at the art source, so i better think about that.

and there's a gallery opening in april that will take some of my work (she will take photos, which i can't hang in art source, so that's helpful).

yikes! may not be getting much sleep the next few weeks. i did take time off from the day job for we art women, and i did make sure i had art stockpiled for times like this before i joined art source, so i do have some breathing room. glad that the hub and i are looking at a mid- may vacation- will give us some time together :)

and now- to the day job- have a good day all!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The hotel room is killer! I cannot imagine the bedlam that will take place when the whole thing happens, but you seem to have a good grasp of the what's and where's already!
And yes, I would die for a whole bathroom as pictured....
You should have a ball!


Barb said...

You are so busy, Marianne - luckily you have mostly fun stuff (except the real work, I guess!). The hotel show sounds neat and you have to be creative just to show your art to its best advantage. Hope you gals also make some sales!

marianne said...

anne- yes, it was bedlam last year walking through! it will be big fun!

barb- luckily, the day job is mostly pretty fun, too, but a little down time wouldn't hurt! maybe after the benefit-

Pam McKnight said...

I just can't imagine how you do it all and with a day job to boot! I am feeling overwhelmed and this is all I do.

I am so happy I met you and that because of your mentoring I have become a part of the local art scene.

You are awesome. :)

marianne said...

pam- you're too kind! you'd be part of it anyway, but i'm glad we met too. now get to work.....