Wednesday, March 31, 2010

no rest for the, well, you know!

here's the progress on this. zella & i were collaborating via text message & photos. cracked me up- technology is pretty amazing! i think it's nearly done, will hang it to meditate on for a while to be sure.

once we get through we art women next thursday we will start planning for modern art. a local artist's group, of which my friend pam is on the board, came up with an idea to have artists do individual squares to hang together at the show. the original plan was that they be self portraits and i was opting out. completely.

so zella bought me a square. and told me i was doing a self portrait. it's good to have friends who move us out of our comfort zone, right?

so as i was painting other things i started building up the base. i actually do have some ideas- none of which involve trying to paint myself!

and lastly, a few more atcs done while watching dancing with the stars with the hub. (seriously, who voted to keep kate on? what an unhappy, unpleasant woman!)


and now, off to bed. tomorrow is first thursday & we're going to meet some friends & see some galleries. then my birthday friday, the opening at VaC and dinner.....

so if posting is sparse, it's because birthday month is starting! happy april!


Postcards from Wildwood said...

I love your ATCs, Marianne. Your output never fails to amaze me. All this while watching one TV programme? Good luck with the self portrait, which seems it will be very deep and meaningful - the 'Inner You'?! And Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I just posted my tagged photo....!

marianne said...

hi janice- some of these were already well on their way- i leave a piece of watercolor paper on my table to catch whatever comes its way and it comes in handy as a background! thanks for playing the photo game- you're such a good storyteller that i knew it would be fun to have you participate!

Pam McKnight said...

Love those ATCs, and btw- I bought you the board, not Zella :)Happy early Birthday.

marianne said...

thanks pam! it was a conspiracy.... you would have let me do a letter, wish i'd known that before! :) we'll have a birthday toast tomorrow at vac-