Monday, February 22, 2010

texture and color

more background work. this is the crackle paste with a wash of quincadrone nickel azo.
and a layer of rice paper for added texture & to bury the tree a bit. this will be more transparent when it dries.
then some red. this was going to be the background for the raven, but that didn't seem quite right.
then i saw this laying on my art table (there are benefits to not being tidy! really!) this is metal tape on watercolor paper coated with digital grounds and then put through the printer.
this is blurry, but basically the image will be held on the background with a piece of plexi, which will probably be held in place with carpet tacks. the background echos the colors of the print. i'm liking it and look forward to having a better photo to share.
quinc nickel azo rub on this to tone down & tie in the numbers. it is really really close.
and that's it.... watching the olympics & working on art is good! :)

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

My vicarious art fix for the day! Love what's going on!!!
I'm off to the doc; another day shot. But the studio is rearranged, I am still in one piece, things are semi clean and hopefully I will be able to stand on both feet and work!
The bottom piece...oh.....lush!