Tuesday, February 2, 2010

studio fun

another evening of studio fun! challenging for me, b/c kristy's air (artist in residence) studio is downstairs & not guaranteed close parking. so i have to pack light. which is damn near impossible. even tho i travel regularly. the wine made it tho :)

so it was markers & doodling again. still trying to figure out how the goddesses want to be presented.

the heart came out pretty well- looks like hearts on fire, but that's a bad jewelry ad, so we need something else....

and another goddess started. looks like the 80s to me- hot pink & black- we'll see where she goes

i can't say how much these tuesday nights mean to me. it's incredible to have such a supportive art group, and i feel really lucky about that, but it's also nice to have a place where, for a few hours, it's relaxing and safe and focused on creating. it's important enough to set aside time and money to make it happen. we share a sense of humor, and like to read and drink wine and make art. kristy and i know all of the words to most of the songs on celebrity skin. and pam and nancy put up with that.

we had a we art women meeting today too. the benefit is progressing nicely. once again, i am really lucky. to be involved in this project and to be working with the people that i am.

so, even tho it's february, the longest month of the year, and even tho the groundhog declared we're gonna have more winter, i am feeling very grateful and thankful and lucky. and that's a good place to be starting the month.

thanks friends.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I could not pack light...I'd be the one with the steamer trunk! LOL!!!
Or the one with just the bottle (or two) of wine! Much more likely. :)
Fun to read about these art evenings and see what you do---very lucky to have the group!


Barb said...

"Grateful and thankful and lucky" are excellent ways to feel - I'm glad you have your priorities straight - you must always include the wine! I enjoy watching your works-in-progress, Marianne.