Saturday, February 13, 2010

regroup- and the olympics!

husband was off on a ski adventure all last week. so last night after picking him up at the airport i got to see all of the photos and have some vicarious fun.

today was lots of running around- hike with the dogs, then visiting a friend at an art show, a trip to a new mixed media store (that was worth it! got some great stamps to play with). then to my local ace hardware store, which will now be my favorite local art store since our locally owned store downtown is going oit of business. which is heartbreaking.

i do love ace, though- they do a nice job of cutting masonite for me, are ever helpful and pleasant & they carry the all important elmer's caulk.

we decided a nice valentine's day would be watching the olympics & eating pizza, so that's what we did. and it was nice. we may even do it again tomorrow night!

did some doodling in between cheering for apolo & jr and shannon & hannah. loving the art markers!

experimenting with colored pencil.

stopped in the art source to leave some of my new, better business cards and found out i've sold another piece! woo hoo! a heart- sensing a theme? for $50- another theme. so i need to take something down tomorrow to replace it.

happy valentine's day all! february is half over!


Barb said...

Great Valentine photos, Marianne! You put me in the mood with those vibrant canvases.

marianne said...

thanks barb!