Sunday, February 28, 2010

once again, no photos but then there are

well, explorer is once again crashing every time i try to upload photos- i really must figure this out. it does it in blogger, in facebook, even in windows live writer- so i'm thinking it's something between explorer & windows 7, but have no idea what since it's all new on this computer.

seems to have to do with the path i take to find the photos, but it's different every time.

anyway- we hung the month's new art at the gallery today and wonder of wonders my friend julie, whose art i love and have long admired and was just getting ready to purchase a piece from wanted to buy a piece of mine! the red one 2 posts ago. so we made a trade and i am now happy to have "the color of new" hanging in my house.

here are the rest of my pieces hanging in the gallery.

and here is the rest of the wall- the pieces zella and i did together and some of zella's pieces. looks good, doesn't it?

and now off to bed- happy march everyone!

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Julie Jordan Scott said...

Oh - your art work in the gallery is gorgeous. I am grateful you have shared it... and I hope you figure out what the heck is making your photo uploads not-so-successful... and wishing you well as that changes...