Tuesday, February 23, 2010

and on...

here's where the tree piece started tonight-

i added some paper and some washes of quincadrone nickel azo on the tree piece. also a 50/50 mix of soft gloss gel & water to seal the crackle paste so i can do a wash to emphasize the cracks without soaking into the paste. coming along nicely i think.

i worked some more on the collage and am feeling closer to done.

and i experimented with some modeling paste through a stencil and was pretty happy with the results- it ended up cleaner than i feared, and will be a nice background pattern. i'm hoping that it will absorb color and stand out from the red. we'll see!

and that's it for now. it's fun playing while watching the olympics- sometimes it's good to not overthink things, which is when art night or art while watching tv comes in really handy.


Daydream Retreat said...

Hi there, found you link over at Creative Every Day, I just joined in yesterday. I LOVE that tree piece, I would hang that in my house in a heartbeat!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love what's going on with the tree piece, and of course, the red in the collage is just stellar.
But this is from someone who LOVES red....LOVES it! So I am not a good neutral judge!
Have a good one! I'm off to finish moving furnoture and sorting studio junk from, oh, two or three years of piling???


P.S. Lovin' BRMC!!!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Hi Marianne,
I'm always worn out by how much you achieve in one evening! Love how the collage is looking, and the tree is looking good. I've wanted to have a go at some dimensional paints through stencils too and always thought it would make a mess, but yours have turned out great. Love the red!

Pam McKnight said...

lookin good! I forgot to tell you- I saved last weeks Weekly to show you the cover- looks a lot like your work.