Wednesday, February 10, 2010

monday again?

i transferred the ravens this morning, using my favorite trusty elmer's caulk & apollo transparencies. happy with the results.

then i did my usual i'm not sure what to do next thing and hung it in my office to glance at during the day. this has several benefits- i am usually working at my computer, thus without glasses (or with reading glasses) so i get the benefit of a very hazy image composed of shapes & colors, which really helps with composition & value/color decisions.
i'm liking the theme of duality and the light/dark thing that's happening. the red needs to be brought down a bit i think and i may need something light in the lower left. all in all, happy with the progression.

margie & tracy had to cancel tonight, so i spent time gathering images for my new website- need to burn a cd & get it to my designer. once i realized that the images of my paintings seem to all have disappeared and i will either need to rescan slides or search for photos i gave up and decided to play around a bit with photoshop.

picked up the crown stamp the other day at craft warehouse. for some reason i saw it on the raven. wish i'd gotten it a bit lower.

i made the raven & the words in photoshop and the background is watercolor paper that i did a wash in when i thought i might be disciplined enough to journal (ha- i must have been insane!) of course, it being monday again, i couldn't get the damn thing to print properly- i had it set on landscape and kept getting portrait- but it's still fun.

and that's it- off to bed...... another busy day job day tomorrow and pam asked me to attend her education committee meeting for the new arts group tomorrow night.

and i just noticed a lovely typo in the piece above. not sure what migles might be...... should be mingles. yep, monday again. best give up & go to sleep!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL!! I have so many typos in my comments---do you have any idea how long it takes me to put a post together!!!
Love the progress on the top piece, and the bottom piece, from the joust at journaling, it's just delightful!
I have always deeply yearned to do art journals.
I would get ONE PAGE DONE. I know myself, so have not even tried. But yours was well worth it for the beautiful piece! Love the crown stamp.....
Off for another exciting day...NOT. HA!


Barb said...

Catching up with you, Marianne - I'm in Breck. I like what's happening in this newest work - I'm hoping that you don't decide to layer over those hands, but I know any day now they won't be there! Congratulations on your acceptance into BOSCO. As with anything juried or editorialized (I've gone through the same with writing) you must be tough enough to accept supposedly "positive criticism" - all judgment is in essence "subjective" - that's one of the pitfalls of having your work critiqued by others.