Sunday, February 7, 2010


i used to find it really hard to skip a day of blogging or making art. i am trying to be kinder to myself and beginning to realize that recharging is as important to the process as anything else. learning not to be so hard on myself.....

fun night out with the girls friday, including an art show opening; fun day skiing ( and seeing sun, very helpful) at a small local hill saturday; fun super bowl tonight- good weekend all in all, art or no.

steve is off on a ski trip next week, so i will probably get day job done & wallow in poor food choices and art making during off hours. plan to watch it might get loud with tracy & margie wed evening- margie bringing pizza, tracy bringing wine, me getting movie & figuring out how to play it (uh oh!). stay tuned.....


Barb said...

Hi Marianne,
Recharging is important! Sounds as though you had lots of fun this weekend. Are those kite riders? We have them on (frozen) Lake Dillon. It's fun to watch them, but I'd hate to fall on that hard ice! Have a great week - don't eat too much junk.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Isn't it odd the pressures we self-inflict....and then suddenly we realize that all we need is some time to recharge the creative batteries?
(self most definitely included!)
HAve fun!!!!