Monday, February 1, 2010

lazy day

woke up to a beautiful snowy morning. halle's tummy a bit better, so we went for a walk & romp in the snow.

then off to the art source for my first hanging committee duties. each artist has to swap out 1/3 of their work per month to keep things fresh. in addition, things are moved around & the window display is updated. here are my pieces waiting to hang.
my friend julie, who is on the fundraising committee with me, had her art in the same section as mine. she is a genius at seeing how things should go together & was a big help- plus fun to work with. after finishing this area, we did another section of the gallery.
and i helped lisa with the window a little bit. my hearts made it up there, and this is a better shot (slightly) of the pieces that zella and i did together.
it was fun. makes me feel like a real artist, to be treated like one by these people whose work i admire. i guess because i have the day job it's a little harder for me to allow myself that label.

my goal for february is to sell something from the gallery, tho short of the power of positive thinking i don't know how i can make that happen!

anyway- reat of the day was spent with a nap, and a visiy with tracy & hanging with the husband- some of it while HE spent time bloggin and facebooking his latest adventures :)

have a great week!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

All the pics are beautiful, but that first one, with the snow and ice....oh....instant calm! (which I need!!! LOL)
Good luck with the gallery--hope things pick up!


Hybrid J said...

Well done and good luck to selling your artwork! :)

mariasangel said...

love the beautiful snow photograph!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Well first of all, your snowy scene looks absolutely beautiful. Secondly, your art work and the window display are gorgeous!