Saturday, February 27, 2010

it might get loud and other stuff

cleanest shots i have of the latest stuff (yes, i redid the flower stencil on the top one). what should i enter in the upcoming juried show?

and is the top one done?


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh boy...favorite time.
I am drawn most to the top and bottom pieces, although the second grabs the eye too.
This is with a very quick *look-thru*....I have never figured how they judge, but I always have thought the first glance is part of what gets a piece in.
For what it's worth!


Francesca Fuller said...

Wonderful work, I agree with Anne Huskey-Lockard, I love the first and last. To me they have a wonderful emotion that grabs the eye, and then lets it travel through the image.

Barb said...

Please say the top one is finished! The hands and score are still visible, plus I like the additions of the dragonfly AND the lighter flower stencil. I also am drawn to the last - I like its simplicity.

marianne said...


and yes barb, it's done! getting ready to varnish:)

Susan said...

Hi, I am a new follower, these are wonderful, and I think the top one is done! me it is very "Nick Bantock" inspired, and I love his art.

Good luck!
Pieces of Fate

One Creative Queen said...

I love the third one. I also like the other two that have also been commented on - but the third one is just...COOL! I don't get how they judge, either...if someone figures it out, they'd better share. It would save the rest of us from tearing out all our hair! xx

Wen Redmond said...

Love the pieces- would love to know more about your backing surface treatment. I think the one with the shell is very effective. I like the simpleness and serenity of it.

marianne said...

thank you!
@ susan- now i must look up nick bantok- love being exposed to new artists!

@queen- i like that one too.... as for the jurying, i guess that's part of the fun? ha ha!

@wen- thanks! that covers all of them! the support is masonite with a brace glued & screwed on the back (you can see in next post). 2 layers of gesso, then paint, collage, gel medium- whatever seems right. the metal is steel from my metal artist friend.

Sharon said...

These are all wonderful, but I LOVE the top one! I love the colors and the story with the different elements. Very nice!

I learn something from you every time I come here. Thanks for sharing! :)

Oh, and the orange cat with the blue eyes in your slide show is FABULOUS. My 2 favorite colors together. :)

marianne said...

thanks sharon! the cat (painting that is) found a home shortly after i painted her- the woman really loved the painting, which makes me so happy!

Anonymous said...

I particularly love the 3rd and the last one. You do lovely work!

Kathleen McSweeney