Wednesday, February 24, 2010

grrrr, effin' explorer, effin' blogger

here's what i wrote after trying several times to upload photos: "well, i'd like to have photos to post, but either blogger or explorer has issues & i am not in the mood to fight them."

every time i give up the damn thing works. lesson there? maybe.... regardless- here's what i wrote (now with pics) b4 things opted in

"so, meager descriptives:

2 collage done, i think, hope to be able to share soon."

"farm bldgs on red background same."

"quinc nickel azo wash on the light molding paste on the red base worked out quite well."

"market meeting tonight. rates going to $40 per saturday (9:30-1:30). considering that i seldom covered the previous $25 (last year $30)- and that's not counting parking or my time- i'm seriously considering bagging it, no matter how much i have enjoyed the market in the past. we'll see how the other folks who share the booth feel."

and not previously blogged about...... the blue wash in the crackles & wrinkles of the tree piece works well. i messed up by trying to preserve the transfer (the medium made the image run) but i will do another transfer & all will be good.....

that's it for now- hasta la bye bye


Evelyn Howard said...

nice! love yr work.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You need yto read the post that Susie Jefferson made the other day about using Live Writer to resolve Blogger issues.
I think the name was "Fool Proof Photo Positioning..." and I did download Live Writer and dscovered it has tons of features that can go directly TO your blog, or you can do your work in Blogger and then copy to Live Writer and change things.
Take a second to read it. I have tinkered and think it has great merit.......Blogger has been hiccuping lately and I run IE also (as does Susie) so she really knows how to get around the problems!
Love the work!

Barb said...

Oh - you gave me a start! I saw the hands but thought the music had disappeared. Then, I saw it under another layer (but still visible, thank goodness!). I also like the new tree work.