Saturday, February 27, 2010

adios, mi amiga

retiring my beloved stylus 720sw, the indestructo camera. purchased shortly after the fuji died of sand exposure and i dropped the D70 a few feet. she still works fine and is headed to my nephew who will hopefully appreciate her indestructo, water and sand proof abilities.

the new p&s, another marianne proof camera, a few more megs, a little different lens, but the same indestructo capabilities. and even tho i am sure i drowned in a previous life & will never dive i like the waterproof part too.
i did a few metal transfers last night. favorite method is using elmer's caulk & apollo transparencies. here i am rolling the transparency back after the image has set up on the caulk (just a few minutes)
shortly after the previous photo. the caulk will dry clear.
and getting art ready to hang tomorrow at the gallery. we all have to swap out 1/3 of our pieces monthly, which is why it took me so long to try to get juried in. wanted to know i had enough back stock in case i couldn't make enough art every month.

even so, there always seems to be a rush to get things ready. today it was varnishing & adding wire. ready now tho.

while i was getting everything ready to go, i finished the tree piece. i redid the metal and like this transfer better. it has more sienna in it, which ties to the background better.
sweet dreams-


Wen Redmond said...

I would love to know more about the caulk method. I thought you had to leave it on and rub. It looks like you use the caulk like you would medium for a quick transfer. Could you post to the inkjet trans list??

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I have had my art fix for the day---love the rose (yes?) that the caulk is waiting to dry.
And of course, the tree.....
What a nice way to start a Sunday!
Hope you enjoy your new camera, and no swimming with it... ;)


marianne said...

wen- it is on the inkjet site, in a folder called metal transfers- mk (i think). i linked it in my post.

anne- thanks! yes, rose- an image i use fairly often.

Barb said...

I love the tree. Keep the new camera dry!

marianne said...

thanks barb! but what's the point of a waterproof camera if it doesn't take d ip once in a while? swimming pools are good! :)