Sunday, January 17, 2010

what a luxury!

another whole day for r&r and play.....and i let myself do just that! i did get the new scanner set up. bought an epson b/c hp pissed me off by not having a windows 7 driver for either scanner i owned. one thing i am not crazy abt with the epson is that i have to restart the program with each scan. hp would ask if i had aonther scan to do. otherwise, so far so good.

i ordered some caran d'ache neocolors. they keep showing up here & there in books, articles & blogs, so i thought i'd give them a try. grown up crayons! woo hoo! goddess' body is markers (can you tell i did this during the saints game & who i was pulling for?) and the background is c d'a blended with turpenoid. i see possibilities.....

and a heart, b/c i still need to figure out valentine's window pieces for the gallery. again, marker & c d'a.

worked a bit more on this. i pretty much hated the bottom, so i added paper (natural dryer sheets... too bad the hub hates them, b/c the used ones are great for collage).

i'm liking this idea, but not sure how to attach the shells (because of course they're fragments & there is nothing but a little bit of edge to glue. tho as i read this i am thinking that i could maybe glue styrofoam inside & then glue that to the piece. it would strengthen the shells too.

i did attach the shells & chain. here's how it looks now. i am going to revisit the other shells- stay tuned!

art source meeting tomorrow night. my first as a member. i do know lots of the other members, which is nice. just have to try to keep my big mouth shut & my bright ideas to myself. always hard for me! so i may not have much new tomorrow, but it sure is good to be back in the land of the blog!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

....or you could embed the shells in a gel medium (heavy) and add either sand (predictable), budgie grit, or glass beads.....
I need a King Cake..... ;)


Julie JordanScott said...

I adore how you used natural dryer sheets in your collage! I have to look for those! Fantastic, following you on your process is fantastic!! LOVE IT! Thank you!

Judy Wood said...

I don't have to restart the program for each scan with my little elderly Epson 4 in 1. Seems odd that this would be the case with yours--maybe there is a work-around you can find, as that's got to be an irritating way to work. I'll try to pay more attention next time I'm scanning (don't scan that often) and if I come up with any insights I'll let you know.

Diane said...

I am loving the look of your shells.

Barb said...

Hope your meeting is fun and inspirational.