Tuesday, January 5, 2010

tree down, holidays officially over

the tree is down, the stockings are packed away

things that were taken down to make way for more festive sentiments are back (yes, this is on the home office/studio door)

as i was packing everything away i reflected on the holidays. they started with a really nice visit from my parents and ended with that fun win by boise state in the fiesta bowl last night. with lots of good food, wine & laughter with friends in between.

i was hoping to share 2 wonderful Christmas cards from artist friends, but it looks like i will have to buy a new scanner after all, so that ain't happening.

instead, let me introduce you to the most awesome gift, my new kindle. if you've even considered getting one- do! i love it. easy to use, no eyestrain, really thin & light to pack around and there is never the threat of being without something to read. can't wait to take it on my next business trip- i will be traveling MUCH lighter with this little gadget.

i picked up our ornaments from the restaurant today, stopped at boise blue for some print making paper & ordered some caran d'arche crayons from blick. i want to find a more finished way to make the goddesses. i've had such good response to my doodles that i think i can sell some, but want a different medium than marker. hoping the crayons do it.

i also want to make some more hearts, as i have sold a few and am getting positive feedback. i also like making both of these. i am not usually a heart person (neither are the women who bought the 2 i sold), but these have a good energy (i think so anyway!). and who doesn't need some goddess? got to have something to work on for gallery stock anyway.

i put another coat of gel medium mixed with water on the crackle paste. i wanted to do a wash of my favorite prussian blue & have it settle in the cracks but not soak into the medium, but the first coat didn't seal well enough to do that. hopefully this one will.

so that's it- not much creative actually completed, but setting the stage. some days are that way.


Barb said...

Hi Marianne,
I'm also packing the Holidays away - kind of nice to see the simplicity again. I'm enjoying a view of your works-in-progress.
I have had a Kindle for about 4 months. I'm an avid reader and believe I've actually read more since I've gotten it. I also get my (must-have) Sunday NYTimes on it. In print the Sunday Times costs $6 here in CO - on the Kindle 75 cents... (That alone is worth the price of the technology!)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love the studio sign---that says it ALL!!
I still have decs up, and they may be up a while. I don't care---there's not much and I really can't wobble around to deal with them at the moment. I'd rather be making a creative mess anyway with my few *up* hours!
Love the progression on the last collage piece---really beautiful!