Monday, January 25, 2010

the solitary business of art

art is a pretty solitary pursuit. time spent in the studio, or online doing research or learning, doing marketing. i have been very lucky in my art endeavors to have found a great support group. first it was class every tuesday evening, then gypsy gallery. involvement with the wca benefit has created some great friendships and this blog has helped me meet wonderful people from all over the world who offer suggestions, help, ideas and encouragement.

i am not a big joiner, not a group sports person. i am a good organizer & leader, but i have very little patience for babysitting or neediness. number one gypsy rule is be responsible & self reliant. i have come to understand that it is good to take the time to just socialize too, to relax & enjoy each other's company. we do all have art in common after all.

i attended an artist's social hour this evening. there's a group in town organizing to help artists make connections, find places to show, support each other. it's very cool. i have been unable to attend any meetings until this evening and it was great to see a good turn out. young and old, photographers, painters, textile artists- good mix too.

i usually don't bother with my last name when i introduce myself, but i wasn't getting away with that here. and i was surprised that people knew who i was. i also saw a lot of people i know, many of whom i haven't seen for a while and was glad to visit with.

it's nice to be part of an artist community. it's flattering to have my name recognized. it's a good reminder that although a lot of the making of art is solitary its purpose is to go out into the world & be seen, to make connections.

studio time tomorrow night with kristy, pam & nancy. looking very forward to that, it's been a long time since we've been together. and making plans for february to do an art day & an exquisite corpse exercise.

for tonight, very thankful that i've been as lucky as i am in my friendships.

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Barb said...

Yes, Marianne, friendships are so important. Artists are such individuals, but I'd guess there is also a need for communication and sharing. Lucky if you can strike a happy medium!