Thursday, January 7, 2010

skywatch friday

this week's skies over boise, idaho- we started the week off snowy, followed by blue skies

then to heavy grayness

to all enveloping white

back to (thankfully) bright blue

for more skies around the world, visit skywatch friday


Guy D said...

Wonderful series of shots. The first one is my favourite.

All the best
Regina In Pictures

Serendipity said...

Lovely series; I like the second one best :)

Light and Voices said...

The first photograph is simply lovely.
Joyce, IL, USA

Barb said...

I'll take the blue with snow any day!

fickleinpink said...

the first one i love the beast! great shots!
Here's mine: Hulagway ni NiKoy sa Pagudpod

Come and visit if you have the time
May we all be blessed!

Bill S. said...

Beautiful skies over Boise - at least you do not have a lot of fog like I have seen there from time to time.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Hi Marianne. They're all great shots. The third one is very atmospheric - I can feel the cold and damp. But my out-and-out favourite is the first one. Absolutely gorgeous! Have a great weekend,

nonizamboni said...

Great sky views and a variety of Idaho weather! I see your dogs have enjoyed the snow too.
Happy New Year, Marianne!

Vikki North said...

Beautiful skies and imagery! Love the fog in the one.