Saturday, January 9, 2010


i got the tree on this one- the background did dry clear- using my trusty apollo transparency/ elmer's caulk transfer method. now it looks kind of split down the middle to me & i need something to bring the two sides together and move the eye around. it bounces from the raven on the thumb to the tree to the eagle ok, but the upper left hand corner needs something to push the eye back in and the tree & the image below are too blocky. coming along, though. i am happy with the upper right hand corner- the gel gave good texture and (i think) is visually interesting.

not much else accomplished art-wise. i did have a woman at the do it yourself dog groomer ask if shaving echo was fun, and if i got my creative urges satisfied while doing so. um, no. but at least his haircut isn't too bad this time. i hate it when the other kids make fun......

other than that, we saw sherlock holmes (amusing, entertaining, robert downey junior- need i say more?).

hub is skiing tomorrow, my plan is to get lots of art done.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I am so enjoying watching the progression of this piece---the gel in the uopper right corner turned out great! I was curiuos where that would go, but it worked super.
Could you obscure part of the bottom right with an opaque gel and add texture? I see what you mean about the *blocky* part.....
And Echo looks lovely and most dignifies with his new haircut.... :)


Bill S. said...

Your art is very interesting and appealing. Echo does not look happy with his haircut. Good luck on your art projects.

Diane said...

Haven't seen Sherlock Holmes yet but for Robert Downey jr. I am there! Great actor & ever so pleasant to look at!! Have a great Sunday!