Saturday, January 30, 2010

prep work

halle is sick, so much of last night was spent waking up out of a dead sleep and letting her outside, then waiting til she could come back in. not very restful. she didn't want to eat much today (until i tried tracy's roast chicken in with the brown rice trick), but she seems to be feeling ok otherwise, so we'll wait & see. but i was not terribly energetic this morning.

echo & i went to meet zella so i could get some photos of her pooches, clapton & joplin (one of the many reasons we get along so well!) who i have been needing to paint for over a year. darling, aren't they?

i love the flying ears!
so now i have enough shots of them to put together a painting. i haven't used my alkyds in probably 2 years, so this will be interesting! never mind the fact that i have also never not painted something from a photo- ie, haven't made something up, which i'll probably be doing here by using a few different photos. the prospect isn't too scary, probably because of all of the mixed media collage work i've done for the past few years.

here are some examples of the last alkyd paintings i did. z loves the first one, and that's why she wanted me to paint her pups in exchange for making some frames for me.

besides that, i out out a call to artists for the gypsy gallery march show, which will be in the same venue as the december one was- it's a great spot, so that's exciting. i also put our call to artists on the gypsy gallery facebook page, posted some painting from years past on the we art women facebook page, got my pieces to rotate in ready to go to the art source tomorrow morning at 9 (here's hoping halle's tummy settles down & i get some rest tomight) and printed labels. sent out an email to some friends about an exquisite corpse party in feb- where we each bring a starting point & everyone works one everyone else's piece of art throughout the day.

also got a bit of snoozing on the couch with the dog done, and read a bit. so i don't feel too guilty about not actually creating anything. maybe tomorrow! but now, back to the couch.....


Barb said...

Hope Halle is feeling better and you more rested. Another trick I learned is to sprinkle a tiny bit of Parmesan cheese on top of the food to entice the doggy appetite. I like those bright personable pet paintings!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Your pet portraits are absolutely gorgeous. I hope you can get the shots you want to do justice to Zella's. Sorry Halle has been unwell - hope that's cleared up by now.