Tuesday, January 26, 2010

playing around

our friend kristy was selected for the city's artist in residence program. the city provides studio space for artists for 3 months and the artists are present for first thursdays to promote both downtown and the arts. it's a great program. one of the perks is that the studio space can be used however the artist sees fit. so we did our tuesday evening painting with kristy tonight.

i couldn't haul my usual "and the kitchen sink" pile o' stuff, so i thought i'd be brave & bring all of this stuff i never use- watercolor, pastels, like that.

the first attempt was so incredubly hideous that i couldn't even see playing with it any longer. i reverted to a goddess form more similar to the doodles i've been doing, and used some markers along with the watercolors. better.

i want to do some sort of cool watery fishy floaty background, but we'll see..... luckily this is all experimental, so i can tear things up if they really scare me.

pam & nancy made good progress on atcs.

it was really nice to be back in the studio playing around with friends again, and it was OK that i didn't accomplish much. sometimes it's all about just giving it a shot....


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm ready, I think, to delve into some more ATCs before I have to clean the sewing studio up...to sew again. Pooey!
I'd rather just make art, but two commissions to go, then I am Freeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :D


P.S. Love the pics of all the art supplies!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Love the last line, "It's all about just giving it a shot!"