Wednesday, January 6, 2010

painting on plexi and other fun

another coat of gel and this was ready for a wash of blue. i used liquid pthalo, watered down & wiped off the top. it got into the cracks pretty well, which is what i was hoping for.

wanting more texture and needing some interest in the upper right hand corner i taped off a square, gooped on heavy gloss gel and pressed bubble wrap into it. with any luck at all it dries clear and adds what i hoped it would. i also decided that the tree would be a good thing for the middle. it was printed on a 3m transparency, but i decided to try the transfer anyway using golden matte gel.

that didn't work out so i washed it off & will try again with an apollo transparency.

since i picked up the christmas ornaments from the holiday windows zella and i have had a few conversations about what they'll morph into. looks like valentines. so i am working on inners for the frames. we're going to hang some in the window at the art source, so i want the same effect we had at the bistro. the gallery's windows aren't tinted so we should be more successful.

thought i'd try something similar to the heart monoprints. i drew a basic outline on watercolor paper for a guide and put it under the piece of plexi. will then use that to play when the caran d'arche crayons get here.

it's ok, not great. i did some squiggles in the heart & was hoping that the next layer of paint would show them as texture, but that didn't. i would like to do a background, but that won't work for a stained glass in the window look. may try to play with some glazes....

number 2- decided to make a monoprint and use the plate as the basis for a piece to go in a frame.

here's the print

here's the plexi after the print was pulled. this is making me happier. i can paint in the squiggles like confetti and have it look good on both sides (i hope!)

oops! it's late- better get to bed- to dream of better ways to do this, no doubt!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I really am enjoying the thought process and journey on your first piece posted....the colors, the mix of media and images, pushing and pulling things to where they should/will be on the visual plane....
It makes me just want to touch it!
The blue did great bringing up the crackle paste!

Anne....still too asleep to be typing....

Diane said...

Oh my gosh, Marianne, those are all WONDERFUL! Nice bright them!

Summer Raven said...

wow, the process is so intense! Love your creativity...good for you!

Barb said...

I loved the look of the tree, Marianne - hope you show it again when you do it another way.

Evelyn Howard said...

I like what you are doing with the collage. Love the textures!