Monday, January 18, 2010


here's the decent photo of this piece. the more i look at it the more i like it. took this photo outside, and it isn't quite this glowy inside, but it's still nice (it took me YEARS to think it was OK to say that out loud about one of my pieces!). in case you're wondering, 16x12 on masonite. now i need a title. something to do with dreams.

i have actually decided that this is probably done after living with/looking at it for a while. need to figure how to shoot these so i don't get a shadow or the image of my face & the camera but i do get the color on the back of the plexi...... or maybe not :)

and played with the right backing for this. i think the silver paper could be good, just need to figure out the right way to do the bottom....and finish 2 more.

meeting was quick & fairly painless. hard to get 42 artists to agree on anything! but good leadership always helps (knowing how/when to rein in a discussion). 2 meetings tomorrow in between work- planning for we art women and tomorrow evening a gypsy gallery meeting. something i have avoided since our inception but a good idea with this group, because we can make things bigger and better.

and now, bedtime....


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I am amazed at the difference with the photo shot outside; from watching it progress, this is even more delicious! I'm seeing it totally differently you know.....
No e-mail today in Anne-Land.....if you need to contact me, comment on my blog. D*&% ISP!!!! (sorry!)
I should know what to suggest on the photography....I'm blank this a.m. Let me think on that.
Great work!


Barb said...

You are one busy Art Lady! The work seems to glow. I love it!

Beads by Color said...

Great art,I love your first piece.All the color and textures are wonderful.

marianne said...

thanks so much all!