Wednesday, January 20, 2010


remember those shells in the lower left corner that i was trying to figure out how to attach? got some good ideas at the gypsy meeting last night, but i still wasn't quite there, so i took it in to boise blue and got a fabulous suggestion-

molding paste! it will fill the shells, give them some support and it's light. i should be able to glue them down once this dries. brilliant! love my local art supply store.

i also picked up some silver paper to back the plexi heart. i need something with a decent finish on the back since these will be hanging in the windows facing out. the silver is understated, but gives the piece a nice glow.

you can kind of tell in the upper right hand corner in this pic. and look at that beautiful frame! recycling the christmas windows- i love it!

here's another one. i've been looking at this canvas for a while thinking it was done but it needed something. and the frame seems to do the trick.

two down, one to go. this is another 8x10. i decided to make a print and start the plexi at the same time. this is the plexi after the print was pulled

and here is the print. i went back in the plate b/c the paint closed up some of the lines. the print & plate will have the same orientation when finished b/c the above is the back of the plexi piece. it may just get silver or rice paper and be done, we'll see.....

all for now. off to bed. trails were dry enough for the dogs & i to have a good walk today- yay! husband is feeling a little bit better- and i am spraying lysol on everything cuz i do not want the crud he has! so, another shot of emergen-c and off to bed!

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Diane said...

Very cool idea with the shells. Looks beautiful!