Friday, January 29, 2010

happy blogiversary!

happy blogiversary to janice at postcards from wildwood . i'm not quite sure how janice and i crossed paths, but i am glad we did. i always enjoy reading her blog and checking out her photography. janice is funny and informative and thought provoking so please go visit, sign up for her handmade card give away & then vote for her blog in the Dorset Cereals Little Blog Award.

i read janice's post this morning and thought hmmmm. i started blogging in january. wonder what day? and so i went back and found my first blog post. over 2 years ago. january 18, 2008. it's not surprising that i missed this milestone, considering that my husband and i can't remember what day our anniversary is. (at least it's both of us, so we just get close & call it good).

the blog has achieved my original goal of focusing me on my art, even if some days it's just on the small things. i have been much more productive that i would have been otherwise. it has also, along with some yahoo groups, introduced me to wonderful people who have taught, encouraged, challenged and enlightened me. not to mention making me laugh (most importantly of all).

other blogs to check out (if you haven't) are  the altered page , diane's mixed art , judy wood art/photography , brokn heart art , creative every day , el milagro studio , every little thing , vikki's blog, live and learn and every other blog on my blog roll. they're all there because i find something fun, useful or interesting- the listed are just the folks that i have the most interaction with. thanks so much to each and every one of you for your generosity.

i got a small bit of art done tonight. i think that this is now finished. the shells were hanging by chain, but i wasn't happy with the look. i like this much better- the organic feel of the hemp works better and the addition of the glass beads not only adds color it also ties back into sand. called oceana. i will probably never be able to get a good photo of it, but i'll try!

i love using old patterns in my mixed media. the tissue dries so nicely transparent with wrinkles to catch glazes & the arrows add a fun element. i see that i need something strong horizontally now to balance the strong vertical. one of the unanticipated benefits of blogging works in progress is the distance gained. it's a lot easier to see opportunities to improve things on a computer screen than on a canvas that you've been laboring over for the past few hours.
it's also quite fun to go back & see the progression of various pieces and especially helpful to see that "OMG this is hideous and i will NEVER be able to make it attractive" point that nearly every piece of art goes through did, indeed, pass (usually).

this weekend: dog walk, meet zella to photograph her dogs & finally do the painting that i owe her (i hope i remember how to paint!) and then art time saturday afternoon. sunday is hanging day at the gallery (sounds lovely, doesn't it?). the art source is a co-op, so members work at the gallery in addition to paying monthly dues & a small commision (20%) on sales.

one work option is the hanging committee, which rotates the art monthly in preparation for downtown's first thursday art walk. each artist rotates 1/3 of their work every month, and things are moved about to give the gallery a fresh look. so sunday from 9-2 we'll be swapping out & moving art around.

have a great weekend! and thanks for stopping by- hard to believe i'm into year 2!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Isn't it funny how we forget the anniversary of our blogs? Mine is just like getting up and breathing, I guess! It's there and I need to DO it! So happy second to you! (I won't sing....)
Laughing at the comment of pieces going through the heinous stage....OH YEAH! Had two hearts on the table that I thought "How did you get HERE????" Just blah. Happened upon a blog with some interesting music and immediately it spoke to me what to do with the two pieces.
So *YAY* for blog music!!!
Love whats going on in both works.
Too long--sorry. Under the weather, trying to catch up!


Judy Wood said...

Glad you made it to the "world'o'blogs" and that you have hung in there. Your timetable for posting is much more ambitious than mine!

Thanks for the mention--I'm always somewhat bemused about the whole blog readership thing, but glad there are kind souls out there who are interested enough to follow along. I've also figured out over the past year that you and I come from the same "place" a lot of the time--I'd be worried if I was you!!

Re. the bottom artwork--maybe a lightly tinted glaze over the bottom left quadrant would be a good starting point to address the "to much vertical" issue??

Pam McKnight said...

I really hadn't thought about my anniversary date before reading your post, so of course I had to look it up and I missed mine too. Nov. 28, 2008. Just over a year. I appreciate your discipline in keeping up on your blog, you have been an inspiration to me in all things digital, in ways to promote my art and show regularly and to not be afraid to experiment! Thanks Marianne and Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Barb said...

Happy Blog Anniversary, Marianne! Your weekend sounds full and fun with people, dogs and art. I really like this new mixed media.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Thank you so much, Marianne! I must have you on board for my PR whenever I need someone! I think we met through Creative Every Day.

It sounds like our reasons for starting blogging were pretty similar, and like you those reasons have been met, and continue to be. Unlike you, I don't meet creative people much in my everyday life and having that contact with other people who are prepared to make themselves vulnerable by putting their creative efforts online for all to see has been very comforting, supportive, encouraging and stimulating for me. Blogging is part of my life now! Sorry it has taken me so long to visit and see this, and thank you again!