Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the business of art

had 2 art business meetings the last 2 nights, and a meeting for the benefit for the women's & children's alliance at noon. i'm not a meeting person. if i could do everything by email i would be sooo happy. but at the end of the day, there is no substitue for getting together and brainstorming, bouncing ideas off of each other, saying "why don't we?" (or "why DO we?").

it's easy to keep doing things the same way if they work for the most part, especially when there's lots of other stuff (more fun stuff, like creating or more pressing stuff, like paying the bills) to think about. but taking the time to look at things and rethink is necessary and often fun once the process is started.

i'm lucky to have a great group of artists in gypsy gallery. we're all busy, no one needs hand holding or lots of direction. most years the only time we all get together is at shows. they're also not afraid to speak up & put ideas out there, and it's ok for me to say "great- who's going to do it?" we came up with some good ideas tonight, and it was driven by the group because they see a way we can be better and are willing to work together to make that happen. and i am finally smart enough not to offer to take it all on. not that zella would let me! (for which i am eternally grateful).

the art source meeting was an entirely different dynamic- it's a bigger group (over 40 artists) and it's a business, so there are different issues to be addressed. i can imagine that trying to reach consensus with that group is really interesting. i think that the best plan is to keep my mouth shut unless it's something that really matters to me. or i'll be on the board :)

the group working on the benefit is a great one- the whole process is much easier than one would think it would be, mainly b/c zella has things so well lined out. she keeps trying to hand the chair off to me (i am co-chair), but it scares me. we are good partners, and have a good committee.

the point of my rambling is that though most of us would rather spend more time on the fun stuff, the base needs to be laid for that to be successful. time spent on a marketing plan or website or in meetings shouldn't be viewed as a necessary evil, it's an integral part of the process. i need to remember that. time off is too.

as for the photo- halle loved her agility classes, even though she got balky & stubborn sometimes and echo loves his obedience classes too (ditto on the stubborn part). knowing what's expected and accomplishing it can be really rewarding.

back to the creative part tomorrow!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm pretty sure I flunked obedience class....... LOL!!!
DH would agree!!
Have a good one!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I'm horrible at meetings... I get antsy :P Hmm...of course now that I knit I might be able to sit still...

Barb said...

"knowing what's expected and accomplishing it can be really rewarding" - this applies to the dogs and to us humans, too!