Sunday, January 17, 2010

back home

i think i'm done with this and hope i didn't overwork it. will get a clearer photo today. i am happy with the way the leaf stencil frames the corners & moves the eye through the piece and the splash of white.

little more on this, still thinking about how to finish these off properly- i need to do 2 small ones as well.

and i started 2 more backgrounds. this is for the transfer on metal of shells and i am thinking it looks sort of ocean/beach...... maybe glass gel medium for sand... we'll see.

the map/sheet music motif again. and who knows where it goes from there?

more to come today........


Diane said...

Welcome home, Marianne. I don't think you overworked this at all. I love it....the colors & texture!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You continue to amaze me---the thought process.
The top piece is perfect---I have liked it at every stage....amazing how the depth of layers just adds to the delight!
Anxious to see how the other pieces progress---as I am not painting at the moment, I may live vicariously!
Have a good one!!!


Barb said...

Welcome back, Marianne! Do you have a studio where you sell your art? I love the way the Tree one has emerged - I WANT it!

marianne said...

thanks so much you guys! it's hard to tell sometimes when you've been living with/working on something for a while! barb- i sent you an email, hopefully i had the right address, but if not send me a note at . and thanks- i'm honored!