Sunday, January 10, 2010

art all day.....

anne, this photo is for you! please visit anne's blog to see what she considers a messy art table- i haven't stopped laughing yet! oh, and check out her fabulous art & great sense of humor while you're at it....

this is my art table cleaned up so i can use it. ah well, we all work in our own way, don't we?

here is where this was a few days ago.

i decided that it needed some color in the upper left to create enclosure and threw on some alizarin crimson. i decided that was too much and added some cobalt, smooshing it on with plastic wrap.

 it looked way too busy with all of that color so i brushed gesso over the whole thing.

thought maybe that was a bit washed out and grabbed a cotton ball & some rubbing alcohol & went down a few layers to lighten things up in some places (mostly around the tree & eagle and in the center). you can see better tonal balance in the one below. then i pulled out the stencils to see what might be used to pull things together. (i think there's another layer of quin nickel azo gold & some bronze dots in there somewhere too.)

it's getting close. currently marinating under a slosh of matte medium (except the glossy gel upper right hand corner). this was an off & on process all day- fun to be able to work, let it sit & go back over the course of hours.

next is my part of the piece zella & i are doing for a february show. i don't do hearts & flowers of the sentimental variety very well. i wish i'd taken a shot of this as finished- i wiped a mix of black & mica on and it caught in the texture nicely. brushed a bit of red under the "cage". can't wait to see how z finishes it up.

then there are these..... decided not to worry about looking good from both sides, which makes life much easier. still stuff to figure out, but i do have a little time.

and i got the substrates i built a few weeks ago gessoed and, in this case, a prelim coat of paint.

how fun to have a whole day with nothing to worry about but making art!

i also got a facebook page up for we art women, the benefit that i co chair (with zella) up and posted the prospectus.

very productive, art-wise! and ready for the coming week- off to drink a glass of red wine & have a brownie & ice cream with the hub. have a great week!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ah, you made my morning!!! I have a bad case of *Golden-envy* after seeing your art table!
Hey messes are relative. Yours produce something magnificen and much larger than what mine do---plus mine is all going to have to retreat to the wet studio soon (have some sewing to do.....pffft!)
I just LOVE what you did with the piece I've been following; at first with the gesso I thought OH NO! then (the same as when I do it!) it's wiped off selectively and magic happens. It is really is so close.
I agree on the nickel sort of will tie any piece together, especially with texture to settle in. I use so much of it.....
Okay, now I've written a book...just delete!!! :)

Anne.....and if any of those Golden mediums go missing, don't look in Indiana--LOL!!!

Barb said...

All that art work accomplished - hope you enjoyed the wine and brownie as much as I enjoyed seeing the works in progress.

Susan Sager Brown said...

I love seeing your canvas develop, mk. I'm REALLY likin it. I have Golden envy now too!! xoSusan

Leah said...

oo, i'm loving the mixed media piece you've got going, marianne! beautiful!