Wednesday, January 27, 2010


hub went skiing this evening, and i went into art mode. first, i finally made & uploaded a business card- and hopefully it's the right format & turns out ok! the background is a bleached photo and i like the whole surrealistic look and the colors. we'll see how the cards look. shipping cost damn near as much as 250 cards!

then i tried to make space on my art table to work. sigh. why put things away when you're just going to need them again..... some day....?

i managed to scrape out a space, put on some music- the dead weather , (which i like better every time i listen to it and the louder i play it- jack white & alison mosshart of the kills), the raconteurs (more jack white), them crooked vultures ( dave grohl, jimmy page & josh homme) and started playing with this. i've been rereading ann baldwin's creative paint workshop for mixed media artists and she does lots with letters and layering. out came the stencils.

i was a little worried about putting all of these elements on the same layer, but i can deal with that later if i need too- i can always cover stuff up. (and yes, the cool honey altoids are really good!)

got the stamps out again too. i love this face. it's stamped on some rice paper. the hands are directly on the surface. i'd had problems with ink running and someone in one of my yahoo groups suggested stayz on ink.

it worked great. here's where the evening ended up, with a coat of gloss gel medium over everything. the rice paper melted right in, and the ink didn't run. next thing will be a few glazes. i will try to be brave and try something other than my fave quincadrone nickel azo gold :) stay tuned!

and now off to bed with the year of the flood. i love reading margaret atwood, and this is a good one! stay tuned tomorrow for skywatch friday.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Just enjoying the art photos made a crappy day about 1000 times better!
And there is no sense to put the stuff away....just shove it aside! (I am the queen of that! Oh yeah!)
Love what's going on with this piece....have to look more....


Barb said...

I like the hands positioned on the music. (Though I know better than to hope the music will remain at the end!) I,too,like Atwood's writing. Does Sun Valley have good snow this year?

marianne said...

hi ladies! thanks anne- you both know it will go thru a gajillion iterations! but i like the hands too, barb, so they may survive! i think sv is having a good snow year, tho they killed someone in and avalanche in the resort boundaries this week. we're about 3 hrs from there.