Thursday, December 31, 2009

skywatch friday

this week's skies over boise, idaho- started off clear and cold and beautifully blue

with fresh snow to usher in the new year

happy new year to all! visit skywatch friday to see more skies from around the world

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

odds & ends

spent much of yesterday getting up & running desk-top wise again (we have a laptop but i just couldn't see not having the desktop available- creature of habit? maybe.....or maybe i was just very scared at the thought of 2 adults in the same house with only one computer)

best buy was crazy, but i have to give the geek squad credit- they helped me figure out a way to access the data on my old computer's hard drive so that i could do the data transfer myself and not be down for 3-5 days. thought i'd need a new scanner, but we may be ok with just the new computer. which has handy spots for the camera cards right on the tower.

after downloading and reinstalling programs and finding new drivers to work with windows 7 until 11:30 last night it was very cool to wake up to winter wonderland. here's this morning's walk.....

this afternoon was my first training shift at the gallery. also need to pull together the first round of stuff to be hung. we each have 144 linear inches with which to play. i put together a mix of things ranging in price from $50 to $550. once i got the stuff to the gallery i realized that some of it had to come home. i had some photographic images that were probably pushing it. also realized that i had, gasp, some pieces that didn't have wire to hang from.

here's the pile that's going back tomorrow.

for those of you who don't know, having anything other than wire (sawtooth hanger, this sort of hooky thingy) is a big no no for shows and galleries. it's just too hard to quickly hang pieces with any other sort of system. and i knew better, i just didn't think. so some of these pieces now have many display options......

these are the 2 transfers i did the other night. will mount on a wood base of a yet to be determined design. the shells will probably have real shell or pieces of. i bought some iridescent medium that could have an application here..... hmmmm.

see the part missing in the raven's head? there was a hair in the caulk. pulled it out & now i have a line. luckily i can paint it in.

and a bit more on this. added 2 caulk handprints- must be the 3's thing- and some crackle paste (thanks judy). it's shaping up!

back to the gallery tomorrow, then home to make black eyed peas to eat under the table for good luck tomorrow evening. ( don't ask me where the under the table part came from- i think my friend made it up but we have to do it anyway!)

have fun under the table or where ever you may be tomorrow night-

Monday, December 28, 2009

dead desktop

the desktop is exhibiting bsod (blue screen of death) like errors. corrupt windows registry. and reinstalling didn't work. eyuw. off to best buy tomorrow, where if it can't be fixed hopefully we can find a reasonably priced replacement & have everything transferred.

in the meantime i did get a little more done on this. added some intererence dots, some gesso-ed words & numbers. getting the layers going. coming along.

i also transfered images to 2 more metal squares. lots of stuff in the works, stay tuned. hopefully the computer stuff gets sorted out soon.....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

transfers & construction

got to play some today. started with a transfer of one of my favorite trees to metal.... remembered to clean the metal with alcohol first. used elmer's caulk ( in the pic) and an apollo transparency (on the left on top of the medium jar)

here's the transparency after it has been burnished on the caulk-

a few minutes later rolling back the transparency.

got a clean transfer.

and here it is after drying. it's a bit darker than i thought it would be, but the detail is good.

put some braces on panels so they're ready to go. these are baltic ash plywood rather than masonite. left over from an encaustic class last year. not that that should make any difference, other than it is more absorbent. layers of gesso and paper and medium later that may not matter.

this is moving toward done. needs something more, though.

added the stencils & it's close.... i will try to get a better photo tomorrow- between the plexi & gold leaf it's pretty shiny.

a bit more on this. the crane isn't transferred yet. i think i may do another layer or two first- maybe some tissue to knock some of it back, carry the blue from the thumb back into the hand. upper right hand corner needs something too. that's part of the fun of the blog, having a record of how things evolve.

good to see progress. been a great 4 days off- and wed- fri off next week. looking forward to more play!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

easing back in

hike this morning, then to the hardware store for art supplies (a drill bit & wood to make more panels), visit mil in rehab- she's progressing amazingly well, (or so it seems to me) she got to go home yesterday for most of the day, which she most enjoyed, home to make chile & guac, read, watched district 9 (i liked, hub not so much) and- yes- a little bit of art crept in there!

i found some lazertran & decided to see how it would do on this. i just slid the decal off & applied with medium. will get a better photo when it's dry. also added the thumb to the hand. i'm not sure where this one is going at all, but it will be fun to watch it develop.

i also printed some apollo transparencies for future use and drilled holes in the plexi of  the bench. that piece should get closer to done tomorrow- i have (now at least) a good idea of where it's heading.

feels good to play again! and there's all day tomorrow.

Friday, December 25, 2009


to any of my blog friends who love rock n roll (especially guitar) as much as i do- do yourself a favor & rent it might get loud. jimmy page, the edge & jack white talking about their art and sharing their talent. absorbing, amazing and really well done. i especially loved seeing that familiar smile (ahhhh listening to this makes me really happy) on jimmy page & jack white's faces when they were spinning vinyl that they love.

i was lucky enough to see the raconteurs in austin in 2008. jack white is genius. and now i know that i really DO hear the blues on the dead weather cd.

best of all is listening to them talk about creating- the "how could i" or "what if" questions that push things through to a whole new place.

here's to inspiration in the new year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

skywatch friday

merry christmas & happy skywatch friday! here are some skies over idaho this week-

yesterday, the 23rd- bright blue with puff clouds echoing the white of the snow.....

cedar waxwings hanging out in the snowstorm

and the sky over the pool at sun valley lodge last weekend as the sun went down.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

may your days be merry and bright

we had a really nice evening with some friends we haven't spent time with in a while. i've been sort of internal lately... not feeling so social, busy, etc. missing my friends but not making time to do anything about it. and bless them- they know and love me enough that it's ok. but i think it's time for all of us to have a woo hoo ears and gums flapping all out tail wagging tongue flying romp in the snow ( or the symbolic equivalent thereof).

i'll be working on that:)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


how nice it was to wake up to snow instead of rain this morning! and it was cold enough out to get a real walk in, out on the trails. been a bit grumpy lately- partially due to missing our daily hike/meditation/nature moment. better today. and it was beautiful.

busy at work. looking forward to a long weekend, nowhere to go, no one to see, nothing i have to do. maybe i can even make some art, remember to breathe, be thankful.....

Monday, December 21, 2009

been away

we had a nice weekend away in sun valley with another couple- stayed at the lodge, which is a fabulous historic building complete with sun valley serenade running continuously on one of the tv channels. perfect for getting in the holiday spirit.

we skied, swam in the heated outdoor pool, ate great food, heard good music & had an all round good time.

i didn't get much art made- haven't lately between running around, mother in law's stroke (she's better and was moved to rehab this weekend) and work, but things should slow down.
my hubcap was posted on the landfill art site i'm on (or around) page 13 if you'd like to see a bigger image. there is lots of great, inventive art to peruse on this site- a fabulous example of recycling cast off items into art.
i received notice that i was juried in to our local artist's coop gallery, the art source . yay! i can start storing stuff on their walls instead of in my closet :) maybe even sell something once in a while.... i have several friends who are members and am looking forward to working with them.
i will hear on the other group i applied for in mid january.
and now- off to the day job. happy holidays!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

skywatch friday

i have one photo this week, because the weather has been so disgusting (wet, rainy, chilly) that it's been rain gear and no dilly dallying when walking dogs- and mostly the trails have been too muddy to use. here we are today in the ghostly trees- being one with the sky, basically....

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tis the season

at last! a tree! you can tell that i've had cats most of my adult life- nothing on the bottom foot or so.....

i haven't had a tree the past few years because we've been gone on or around Christmas. i really enjoy getting out all of the ornaments- lots of memories. i think that some are from sears 30 or so years ago when i had my first Christmas alone.

then there are the ones from special occasions- like the year we were in yellowstone for my parent's 50th anniversary.

childhood memories- the troll makes me smile

a gift from my sister from a trip to new orleans....

there's a ruby slipper, a pumpkin, a bouvier, a cat, a marshall field christmas tree, a blue & green ornament from the year my mother decided to have a blue & green tree (that was so not worth it for her- we tortured her for our regular ornaments), a salmon from pike place market
and a wreath carrying tyrannosaurus rex from the same (given to my grandmother). it's a very eclectic tree and it makes me happy. rest of the decorations will make their way up over the next few days.
i also got 2 transfers done. did this with golden matte medium b/c i think i printed it on a 3m transparency & i thought that might work better. it worked great.
as you can see from the blurry close up- just a few small spots that will be easy to cover.

i moved the cactus farther into the corner & cropped it a bit. i like the placement better. this was a caulk & apollo transparency transfer. it came out well too.

neither piece is remotely close to done, but both are progressing.
m-i-l update- she's out of icu and has feeling and movement in her left arm & leg. the clots are still there, but things look better than they did. and since she's out of icu i can find something christmassy to cheer up her room.
and now off to bed, with hopes that this icky rain stops.

Monday, December 14, 2009

slogging away

tired, not very motivated. mother in law about the same. it seems that it will be a wait & see situation for a while. she did have a good night last night.

busy day at work, also got the snow tires put on. got nephew's christmas gift bought. got some cards in the mail & immediately felt PRESSURE!

i had an order for some photos, which was nice, so i found the images ( really do need to get things organized- that took longer than printing did!)

while i was at it, i printed the transparency for the bench piece- cactus & cactus flowers to transfer-

and i was thinking the plexi piece would go over those elements something like this- still working through it. the cactus itself may be too dark- will take some playing.
i like old baldy on this piece. i'm afraid to put him on just yet, for fear i will want more layers or something in that area & it will be hard to protect him. but i think if i judiciously use spray var i should be OK. i think this may be printed on a 3m transparency, tho, so it may not work anyway... hope to try tomorrow night.
or not, since tomorrow's goal is to get a tree. first one in 2 years, since we've been gone the last 2 years. can't wait!
but now, drag the tired ole carcass off to bed. sleep well all-

Sunday, December 13, 2009

ai yi yi

no art getting done..... my mother in law had a stroke saturday night and it's been pretty hard to focus or think about much. of course it's a wait & see thing. we were out of town when we got the call and drove back home this morning.

took down the show this afternoon. depressed to pack nearly everything i put up to bring back home & put in the closet. of course, my mood may have been colored by other things...... and on top if it the day was very gray....

i am normally a pretty optimistic and happy person, but there are lots of folks i know going through hard times right now. one friend's father has bone cancer and is dying, another's parents' house burned down last week. two deaths in the past months of good people, one of them only 60 years old. another friend going through a divorce. losses of pets.

reminding me to slow down, be grateful and count my blessings. and there are many.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

skywatch friday

i saved lots of pics this week.....

this from saturday's hike-

this from sunday's
a lovely snowy monday

holiday decorations in scottsdale (where the natives were freezing at 50 degrees!)

back home in boise from today's walk (where 20 felt positively balmy this afternoon)

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