Sunday, November 29, 2009

getting ready

at anne's suggestion, a small wash of prussian...... and she's done....

the rest of today was all about gypsy gallery prep- trip to home depot, staples & aaron bros, getting wires on the back of pieces-

loading the car & bringing stuff upstairs.....

making name tags and booth signs for the artists. this is going to be a very fun show. i'm really looking forward to it. we have 21 great artists participating. set up tomorrow evening. but for now, bed. lots top catch up on tomorrow, and my folks leave on tuesday, so i'll want to spend time with them (besides their help setting up the show) too.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

busy busy

it's been a busy but great few days. nice to have my parents here, good turkey day with them & some of steve's family & fun evening last night with friends. lots of food & wine & laughter. not much art being made, but that's ok. this goddess showed up a few days ago- she looks very busy and full and happy, which is pretty reflective of how things have been.

tomorrow will be spent getting things put together for december gypsy gallery, which we hang on monday evening. i need to make sure everything is all wired up, and probably load the walls in the car, maybe buy a shop light or two.... of course back to work monday, so this all needs to be done tomorrow.

have been making time to get out with the dogs- here's a photo from today's walk- beautiful blue skies, starting off frosty but warming right up. which is probably how this glove was lost.....

hope everyone is having a great holiday (well, those of us in the states, anyway:))

Friday, November 27, 2009

skywatch friday

blue skies over boise- most from last weekend

click on the badge to see more great skies from around the world.....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

another one done (maybe)

knocking projects out right & left...... i only started this one in january...... but i think i'm about there. thanks for all of the ideas & encouragement- i may add a little to the hubcap itself, but am WAY happier with where it is now.....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

one down.....

the windows are (mostly) done. because of course one hook fell out and we need to go back.... but they look pretty good- mom made great bows to add the perfect finishing touch.

they don't show especially well from outside, but we're hoping better after dark.
work still crazy- just one more day..... hope to have some art time this weekend..... between making sure next week's gypsy is set to go and visiting with the folks and cooking, etc.....
no rest for the wicked :)


well, here's the hubcap as it sits now. i transferred a raven (between the blue & green) and added stuff to the bottom. it's closer, but not quite there. hanging it and looking at it waiting for inspiration to strike..... hopefully soon!

and a doodle done while watching a movie. i do have fun with these marker doodles- the bright colors & freedom to just play is a good way for me to stay creative on busy days.
finishing the windows later today- my mom made bows for us, hopefully the hooks are all up!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

secret sunday and holiday windows

Seth Apter of The Altered Page is always involved in great projects, one of which is The Pulse -- The State of the Art -- in Seths' words "a survey in words and pictures of the online artist community. The Pulse is a collaborative project that aims to introduce you to new artists, help you get to know familiar faces even more, and allow you access into the creative hearts and minds of a very talented crew of individuals. "

Beginning today, join the The Altered Page every Sunday for "Secret Sunday." Here the secrets of all your favorite artists will be revealed. It could be a technique, a product, a secret source, a little-known website, a hidden shop, an inspiration, just about anything! I am fortunate enough to be featured in todays' Secret Sunday- click on the badge below to check it out- there are some fabulous hints and more to come.

zella and i also intended to get our windows done today but of course things don't go as planned. we did get most of the painting part done..... mine look very different

from zella's........we each took a different side- we knew it would be that way

we did get one of the ornaments hung- and it looks great from inside. hopefully the hooks will be up in the rest of the windows & we can get the rest of these done tuesday. works out OK because mom can make bows for us now that she's here :)

have a great week!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


a lovely hike this morning. rose hips are one of my favorite fall/winter sights. love this photo- it looks so abstract and all of the bright red random dots make me happy.

got home, cleaned some, then relaxed & watched star trek with the hub. loved it, even if i didn't get to hear bones say "he's dead jim" or see a shatner cameo.

tomorrow zella and i are hanging our christmas window ornaments, then food shopping for turkey day (better make that list!), then more cleaning. maybe squeeze some hubcap work in. i am close on that one, thank heavens! my folks get in at 6. looking forward to a good visit!


this is getting closer to done. i added the stencils a few weeks ago, and slathered a layer of matte medium over to tone down the shiny. i like the way it looks sort of old & mysterious. it may need a little more something, but is very close. this is one of those pieces that has been a long time evolving, but it wouldn't go away.

serenity is just what i need after the past week. stress at work, my stepson's dog got very sick and died last night- a lot of emotional upheaval. today is a good day to take a hike, get the house cleaned up for mom & dad and relax and be thankful for everything we have.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

skywatch friday

blue skies this week over idaho....... and white fluffy clouds- the weather's been beautiful!

the death defying feats of squirrels this time of year amaze me (probably because i can actually see them hanging off skinny little limbs). this isn't such a precarious place to be, but i got a kick out of this guy anyway.

for more skies around the world, click the badge below to visit skywatch friday

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

salmon days

because they swim upstream to spawn and die.

mercury must be in retrograde- communication is difficult. yesterday i took this photo thinking that these clouds looked like a secret language, like hieroglyphics. little did i know that most of the day job communications this week would follow suit. thank goddess that this is a rare occurrence & this too shall pass......

i think i may finally have an idea on the hubcap. thanks leah for yesterday's comment. you are right- it just needed attention and some play. and now i will go buy beads & baubles that are the same bright colors as the paint and something soft (maybe hemp, maybe leather) for them to hang from. maybe even some charms- bear, wolf, eagle, etc. we'll see what strikes my fancy. and i may do a raven transfer or three as well.....

and that's it for today's creativity. which is pretty good, considering how the day went. i was feeling especially tender, and spent much of the morning crying and being grateful that, as my colleague reminded me, i was at least in my own home and not running to the bathroom in an office and then having to come out & pretend that my eyes weren't red & my nose wasn't running:)

thankful that even as this was going on i knew i needed to get out and walk the dogs and put things in perspective. glad that i am passionate enough about doing a good job that i do get upset and that i'm old enough to know i need to own what i can & let the rest go.

but maybe we could give the lessons a break for the rest of the week? a few days of smooth sailing & time to clean the house before the folks get here would be good. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

swimming upstream

well, i think it's gonna be one of those weeks..... wonder what the planets are up to? it's all about swimming upstream- at work, making art.....funny thing was that pam & katherine were having the same thing happening....we were all kind of working but not making any progress that we were happy with.

this is my hubcap for the landfill art project, which is a very cool project making art from hubcaps taken out of a landfill in pennsylvania. i've had it since january- been stalled- but need to get it in before year end. the idea was a compass rose using the colors for the directions- there are different colors in different societies, hence the inner & outer. snake around the perimeter but then i got very very stuck. for months.

i keep looking at my ugly hubcap wanting to do something i like with it, b/c i love the project. maybe a mandela. i had zella drill holes for me so i can hang stuff (this was this summer). and here it still sits. pam said it isn't hideous (as i was wailing), merely unfinished. pressure!

so i thought i'd try to make metal feathers. there was an article in the last somerset studios mixed media mag about playing with tooling metal. luckily, i bought some supplies on clearance at fred meyer last year just in case i ever needed them.... and some 36 gauge metal at craft warehouse- who knows why, but i have copper & silver-
so i started to doodle ( those kind of directions are easy to follow)

unfortunately, i'm afraid that the metal is too soft for what i want to do. i think i'll use real feathers instead. but at least i'm moving forward in my mind on this, finally. feathers and shells and beads. maybe some glued to the hubcap too.

when i gave up on that i started playing with this.
next up, rubbing paint off & on and more happiness that i'm using wood as a substrate- this will be good texture on something-
and now, bedtime, b/c if the last 2 days have been any indication work will be a barrel of laughs again tomorrow. and i need to start cleaning the house some time- the parents land on sunday!

Monday, November 16, 2009

grounded goddess

it was a monday! i did get a goddess doodle finished...... she is grounded, and looking more like spring than fall, but that could just be all of this creativity bubbling out.....

the raven is the back of the photo i used to get started on the raven print in the print making class..... thought this looked pretty cool, and can be used again. the original is on regular printer paper, and it's the oil base ink we used for prints (not yet dry, of course), so not sure how that will hold up, but the digital image is the gift that keeps on giving....

studio tomorrow night- nancy, pam & katherine. looking forward to it! i would like to have a few more new pieces done before the december show. used some miles to get my parents here for thanksgiving, looking forward to that. guess i better invest some time in house cleaning.....hard tho it is to waste time doing something that just needs to be done again :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


wow! slept in til 8! then a nice long hike with hub & the dogs..... beautiful day, got to see some snow.... then a nap, some obedience work with echo bunnyman, then catch up.... i painted the edges and put this together- glued the metal with epoxy, carpet tacks to hold it in place..... i love using wood as a substrate- it's fun to hammer things into, and i am contemplating the possibilities of drilling holes & attaching things (besides plexi) too.....

raven look familiar? this is a transfer of the image that i based yesterday's print on. she will be one of those images that i use over & over . will be? already have....

anyway- i normally don't frame things- i usually buy wrapped canvas, or paint the edges, but i felt like this piece really wanted a frame. i don't know why. found one at craft warehouse, but it still wasn't quite the thing- this was silver when i started. now i have rubbed some prussian (my favorite) blue on & like it better. i need to sand the sides so the paint sticks & figure out a way to secure the canvas, this being a photo/watercolor/paper image frame. but it finishes the piece. hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

monotype class

i stayed up past 12 last night writing my artist statement & resume, and up at 6:30 today (thanks pups!) putting things together to submit for jurying into 2 local art groups- an artist co-op gallery and the local open studios collective. the usual trauma ("are the photos good enough? if there's a tear in the paper on the back of the painting will i be automatically disqualified? do i suck?) gave way to panic ("why is the cd blank on this computer when it looked like the images copied?", "how can we be out of stamps?") to relief ("it's only 10:30 and i'm ready! and class isn't til noon!").

hopefully it all came together ok & i will have some new venues for selling art. if not, i will do a better job next time.

i took a monotype class this afternoon. there were 5 of us & it was taught in a home studio. what fun! susan moore , our teacher, makes beautiful prints of every variety and has a great studio set up.

i don't remember the names of every technique, and forgot about taking notes in the fun of creating, but i didn't forget my camera, so here we go:

first up was a very basic method involving inking the plate

placing the plate into a frame, taping the paper to the frame so it lays on top of the plate & then taping an image on top of that.
drawing the image results in tracing it onto the plate

pressure from hands, intentional or not, creates interesting smudges.
here's the finished print.

and another done this way.

i can see going back into these with colored pencil, glazes of oil paint, etc..... this can be done without a press, which makes it doubly interesting for me.

next technique was all about negative space. we used sticky ink (additive whose name has already deserted me) and wiped off the plate to create our image. i outlined the raven from a photocopy. remember me- i can't draw. (yes, i do believe that anyone can learn to draw, but i suspect that's not one of those things that i'm going to practice and learn, so perhaps it's more a lack of desire than of ability.)
this resulted in a really nice, rich black & white print. this doesn't capture the shading very well. when it's dry i will go for a better scan.
we also pulled a ghost print and i put some background back on that one. the raven shape was wiped out so as not to print back over the image.

here's the result of that one- pretty fun, isn't she?

we did another technique and my results were less than stellar, but that's not why it's not posted here- it's still too wet to scan. i will probably return to it with paint or something, so you'll see it later.

what a great afternoon! fun to be creating in the company of some fabulous artists, susan was a great teacher and as usual learning and playing with a new medium got me all excited about possibilities.

then i came home, made dinner & passed out on the couch. tired! looking forward to a long hike with the doggies tomorrow & some time to make some art.